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Priest abuse settlements have emptied coffers, so LA’s Catholic church ponders $200m fundraiser
01:19 pm
Priest abuse settlements have emptied coffers, so LA’s Catholic church ponders $200m fundraiser

If there is a Hell, Roger Mahoney will spend all of eternity roasting in it

The Los Angeles archdiocese is broke and still paying off a $175-million loan it received to pay victims of child molester priests in a civil settlement agreement six years ago. But they’ve got a plan.

Unfucking believable.

Via The Los Angeles Times:

In the midst of renewed public outrage over its handling of the priest molestation cases, the Los Angeles Archdiocese is considering a $200-million fund-raising campaign. The archdiocese has hired a New York company, Guidance in Giving, to study the feasibility of a capital campaign that would shore up the church’s finances.

The archdiocese is $80 million in debt, according to a recent church financial report. In 2007, the archdiocese agreed to a record $600-million settlement with with over 500 alleged victims of priest abuse. The consultants conducting the six-month study are interviewing every pastor in the archdiocese, as well as lay leaders.

A spokesman for the church said initial feedback has been “very positive.” The funds used would “be put into various endowments earmarked to support the pastoral priorities of the archdiocese, as well as for the general repair and upkeep of our parish churches and schools,” spokesman Tod Tamberg said in a statement. The campaign would be the archdiocese’s first in 60 years.

I’m sure it will be a resounding success! Why of course an organization that has recently agreed to an over half a billion dollar payoff to 508 victims of predatory priests should feel “very positive” about the prospects of raising that much money!

How many people would think, “Oh those guy are all right. They’re just tryin’ to put their kiddie fiddling days behind ‘em. Where’s my checkbook, I want to show my support”?

It’s delusional.

The Los Angeles Archdiocese posted 12,000 pages of priest personnel files online that revealed many instances of high Church officials covering up for the priest abusers.

H/T Joe.My.God

Posted by Richard Metzger
01:19 pm



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