Program your own grindhouse film festival with these sleazy cult favorites!
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Program your own grindhouse film festival with these sleazy cult favorites!

‘Pets’ poster for sale 40% off at Westgate Gallery

There’s never been a better time to add a multi-region Blu Ray player to a 65” flat-panel TV and program your own private repertory theater/grindhouse. Along with medical marijuana, the avalanche of uncut, HD-remastered transfers of formerly obscure cult titles available to subject your friends and houseguests to, or obsessively watch and rewatch alone in total silence, almost makes up for nothing else today being as good as it was in the 1970s and 80s.

The selection of posters here are for sale at Westgate Gallery which has a 40% sale going on right now!

‘Last House on the Left,’ Italian 1-sheet poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

The last word on Wes Craven’s 1972 debut The Last House On the Left is the massively loaded 2-disc/3-cut Arrow box-set of the first post-Manson/Vietnam War horror classic, which cribbed the basic plotline of Bergman’s Virgin Spring for an amalgam of Nixon-era parents’ worst nightmares — hippies, rock concerts, reefer, slutty bad-influence BFF’s, NYC — personified by the shockingly well-acted trio of villains (David Hess, Jeramie Rain, Fred Lincoln) whose blood-soaked antics still pack a queasy punch.

‘The Killing Kind’ Italian 4F poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

B-movie cult director Curtis Harrington is at his overheated, dysfunctional, fagnificent best in The Killing Kind, a 1973 psycho-biddy treat in which cuddly paroled sex-offender John Savage moves back into overbearing mom Ann Sothern’s L.A. boarding house and runs afoul of ballsy judge Ruth Roman and ingenue trio Cindy Williams, Luana Anders and Faster Pussycat Kill Kill’s Sue Bernard… Vinegar Syndrome has a limited edition out for Halloween

Rare Japanese ‘Sisters’ poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

The two best conjoined-twin horror films make a great BD double-feature (we suggest as a warm-up an episode of the bizarro reality show about that poor precious two-headed girl in Minnesota):  Brian DePalma’s witty, twisted Sisters (1973, Criterion) with underrated Margot Kidder as separated sibs Danielle and Dominique and American Horror Story/Nip Tuck writer Jennifer Salt as the spunky columnist from the Staten Island Panorama out to solve a murder mystery and Frank Henenlotter’s 1982 Basket Case, a valentine to the Deuce at its scuzziest, this outrageously endearing Skid Row sickie is that rare gem from childhood that’s even better than you remember in a great stacked Arrow release… 

‘City of the Living Dead,’ Italian 2F poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

Arrow’s also about to unleash majorly upgraded special editions of two beloved Italian frightfests, Lucio Fulci’s splatter-classic dress rehearsal for The Beyond, City of the Living Dead aka Gates of Hell (1980) — don’t go in looking for logic, narrative sense or competent dubbing, just immerse yourself in 90 minutes of visually ravishing wacked-out waking nightmare, crammed with unforgettable macabre imagery and still-eye-popping makeup effects…

‘Torso,’ US 1-sheet poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

Sergio Martino’s Torso (1973), a Giallo proto-slasher about co-eds (Suzy Kendall, Tina Aumont, Carla Brait) who flee Amanda Knox-ville aka Perugia to avoid a serial killer — and fail — played drive-ins and Halloween shows for ten years, paired with Autopsy in brilliantly marketed but cut form by schlockmeisters Joseph Brenner Associates.  Now see the full-length, full-strength version looking better than ever!  (Fun fact: the Italian title translates to “The Bodies Show Signs of Sexual Violence”!)

‘Hollywood Boulevard,’ US 1-sheet poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

At the top of the heap of 70s B-starlets who should’ve crossed over to the A-list and didn’t, jiggly, adorable blonde Candice Rialson is still the most compelling and charismatic, equally adept at comedy: as stunt-driving aspiring actress Candy Wednesday in Hollywood Boulevard (1976), an astonishingly meta New World Pictures pastiche-parody of trashy indie movie making directed by then-trailer editors Joe Dante and Allan Arkush, with Mary Woronov hilarious as drive-in diva Mary McQueen; and drama in the BDSM psychosexual oddity Pets (1974) as a teen runaway turned artist’s model who attracts the obsession of SoCal pervs of both genders.  Exploitation saints Vinegar Syndrome released a must-have special slipcase edition last fall. 

‘Mama’s Dirty Girls,’ US 1-sheet poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

In a too-brief supporting role, Candice even steals 1974’s Mama’s Dirty Girls from slumming matron Gloria Grahame!  Taken from a sketchy print source in non-stellar quality and paired with two unwatchable turds… but besides ancient VHS, the only way to see this Candy Snatchers/Bonnie’s Kids-type Neo-noir is Code Red’s triple-bill Blu-ray, so go for it!  Somewhere between harder edged Hammer and the ultra-violence of Witchfinder General, the delectably titled Blood On Satan’s Claw, the 1971 UK fave set in a 1700s English village bedeviled by a coven of devil-worshipping youngsters led by pouty blonde tart Linda Hayden, gets a Region B 4K remaster with loads of extras from Screenbound in December…. 

‘Alice, Sweet Alice’ US 1-sheet poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

When her obnoxiously cute little sis (nine-year-old Brooke Shields in her film debut) is brutally slaughtered moments before her First Communion, suspicion falls on a troubled tween (Paula Sheppard from Liquid Sky) whose hobbies include roach-breeding, stairwell-lurking and sassing the morbidly obese cat-fancying pedo landlord, in Alice Sweet Alice, (1976) an unforgettably creepy-Catholic Garden State Giallo set in Kennedy-era Paterson, NJ!  88 Films’ all-region BD is complete, in best-ever quality…

‘Who Killed Teddy Bear?’ Italian movie poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

A sexually obsessed busboy (Sal Mineo), a swinging-chick club DJ (Juliet Prowse) and their predatory lesbo boss (Elaine Stritch) frolic through gloriously seedy 1965 NYC in the bizarre extra-pervy B&W roughie Who Killed Teddy Bear? now out on Region B from Network… 

Her Name was Lisa’ US 1-sheet poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

Imagine plunking down five bucks at the local Pussycat adult cinema in 1979 and trying to beat off to crazed porno chic psychodrama Her Name Was Lisa, with talented XXX queen Samantha Fox as full-release masseuse-turned-kept model mistreated by men, then, when she understandably tries to go lez, gets hooked on smack by sado-bitch sauna pickup Vanessa Del Rio!  Now you can enjoy Vinegar Syndrome’s uncensored restoration with no pressure to masturbate… you’ll be too busy jaw-slacking in shock!

‘Andy Warhol’s Dracula’ poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

Maybe someone knows why Criterion seems to have no plans to release Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein and Andy Warhol’s Dracula on BD, but now you can get Paul Morrissey’s hysterically deadpan Eurotrash essentials in sparkling HD, in all their gory Gothic splendor, in English, with every quotable line and mismatched accent intact, on all-region German Blu Ray from CMV Lumivision. Udo Kier’s sublimely batshit-crazy as both Dr Frankenstein, a neurotic necrophile married to his bitchtastic nympho sister (with whom he’s spawned a pair of disturbingly dead-eyed brats, including ubiquitous titian-tressed Italian horror tot Nicoletta Elmi) — while she dallies with muscular stable-boy Joe Dallesandro, Dr F’s hellbent on creating a master race of Serbian “zambees” with the aid of his submissive degenerate assistant Otto (scene-stealer Arno Juerging); and then as a pale, sickly Count Dracula, desperate for nourishing “weer-jin” blood, who travels to 1930s Italy with his bossy snotty assistant Anton (Arno Juerging again) to find nice pure Catholic girls to put the bite on… but handyman Joe Dallesandro and his big Marxist manmeat got there first. 

‘Polyester,’ UK quad poster for sale at Westgate Gallery

Criterion’s forgiven as long as they remember to include Odorama cards with their upcoming BD release of Polyester, John Waters’ 1981 scratch’n’sniff satire with Divine as corpulent suburbanite Francine Fishpaw, saddled with alcoholism; a low-class porn-purveying, Mink Stole-schtupping husband (when caught in bed at the White Gables cum & go motel, cornrowed Mink hisses “Children would only get in the way of our erotic lifestyle”); a highly sensitive sense of smell; and two obnoxious hormonal teens (Lulu go-go dances at lunch period for quarters and Dexter’s a violent foot fetishist on a hausfrau stomping rampage) — her only friend her mentally challenged ex-cleaning lady-turned-heiress Edith Massey, in her final and sweetest role.  Music by Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Michael Kamen… and Bill Murray sings Francine’s Love Montage theme!  Hurry, Heinz!

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