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Punk ain’t cheap: One of Dee Dee Ramone’s bass guitars sells for $37,995
12:54 pm
Punk ain’t cheap: One of Dee Dee Ramone’s bass guitars sells for $37,995

Dee Dee Ramone and his Fender Precision bass
Dee Dee Ramone and one of his Fender Precision basses
According to the folks at musical gear auction site Reverb, some posh punk has paid $37,995 to become the proud owner of one of Dee Dee Ramone’s personal bass guitars (like the one pictured with Dee Dee above).
One of Dee Dee Ramone's Fender Precision bass guitars
Dee Dee Ramone’s Fender Precision bass guitar that just sold for $37,995
Dee Dee Ramone's Fender Precision bass guitar case
Dee Dee Ramone’s hard shell Fender bass case that sold along with his Fender Precision
According to the listing, the Fender ‘75 precision bass (with black pickguard pictured above) has been hanging out in a private collection since the 80’s, gifted to its owner by the Ramones themselves. The bass is said to still be in playable condition and even came in the original case (with a Ramones stencil on the back). Also included was a letter from Monte Melnick, the band’s former road manager, validating the instrument’s authenticity. Dee Dee played the Fender Precision for most of his too-short career and used them pretty much exclusively from 1974-1988, favoring the model with the black pickguard from 1975-1977.
Dee Dee and his Fender Precision bass
Another of Dee Dee’s Fender Precision basses (the all-white one you can see Dee Dee playing in the video below when the Ramones performed on the Old Grey Whistle Test on February 26, 1985), sold at a 2014 auction for a cool $37,694.48.

The Ramones perform “Wart Hog” (with Dee Dee on lead vocals) and “Chasing the Night” (from 1984’s Too Tough to Die) on The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1985

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12:54 pm



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