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GOP human punchline Rick Santorum pities his enemies because they’re going to Hell!

In an interview with, far-right Republican presidential hopeful Rick “frothy mixture” Santorm, that dogged dim-wit from Pennsylvania, reveals that he “feels sorry” for those who hate him… because hey, they’re goin’ to Hell:

RS: One of the things that I really work hard and try to do when it comes to the attacks that we get is understand that number one, these people don’t know me. They know the positions that I hold or they know at least the representation by some of the media as to the positions I hold and what I say. But they certainly don’t know who I am. And so the viciousness and the nastiness which unfortunately is so much a part of politics in America today, it has come over time not to bother me in the least. In fact, the more vitriol I see, and unfortunately I see probably more than my fair share, I tend to feel sorry for people who do that, who are so filled with hate and just seem to be preoccupied with this venomous need to lash out at those with whom they disagree. I make it a point every day to pray for all those people who say the things that they say and try to make sure that I understand it. There is a great line — actually, more than a line — from St. Thomas More who was asked by his daughter when he was in the Tower of London shortly before he was executed how he could have such equanimity towards his detractors and toward those who wanted to kill him.

GT: Yes.

RS: He drew a rather beautiful explanation, as you said, of having one foot in this world and another in the next, looking at ultimately what was going to happen to the people who were his prosecutors. He said, “Well, either they are right, and I am wrong. And if that’s the case, then why should I hate them because they were right and I was wrong. Or if I was right and they were wrong, then one of two things. That they will repent and they will be my brothers in heaven and so why should I think ill of them now just because right now they are doing things that are wrong. Or they will not repent and they will be damned to eternal damnation and what kind of man am I that would hate someone who is to be pitied as such?” And so, that’s sort of the way I look at it.

Rick, you’re just a fucking idiot. That hard-to-deny fact has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not anyone goes to Hell. People who hate you, Rick, hate you for the right reasons, such as you are a vile, outspoken homophobe, a science-denying ignoramus, a cretinous buffoon and a complete jackass. That’s why you lost your Senate seat by an 18 point margin. You have just about ZERO chance of being president of anything, Rick, because no one likes you, asshole.

Just to clear that up. You seemed confused.

Via RightWing Watch

Posted by Richard Metzger
12:57 pm



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