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Sad clown Mitt Romney BUYS over 100,000 new Twitter followers!

Money can’t buy you friends, but it can buy you new (nonexistent) Twitter followers. Just ask Thurston Howell III Mitt Romney!

Yep, it would appear that Mitt Romney’s startlingly inept presidential campaign is at it again. Today’s mishap? Buying up fake Twitter followers to give the appearance that Romney’s lackluster social media fortunes (at least in comparison to Obama’s over 17 million followers) might be turning around… but not just a few, a few football stadiums’ worth!

The Romney camp must be kinda new at this stuff. How else to explain how Romney saw his Twitter followers spike with over 100,000 new followers added within 24 hours (and not the 1000 to 5000 new followers Romney’s account normally gets)? His best day EVER was gaining about 9000 new followers in April. Peek You analyzed the Twitter accounts of the Republican presidential contenders in 2011, and found that only 26% of Mitt Romney’s followers were actual human beings! (Amusingly, 92% of Newt Gingrich’s followers were fake accounts.)

This is what you might call a statistical anomaly.

There are other ways to describe it, too, of course…

Via Little Green Footballs:

Check the number of followers, then watch as it increases by a hundred or so every time you reload the page. If you look at all these followers, they seem to have major trouble with spelling simple English words, have names that sometimes seem to be random assortments of syllables, and have no (or very few) followers themselves.

At the current rate, he’s adding about 10,000 followers every hour.

Strangely, a great many of Mitt Romney’s new followers, for some reason, have tweeted this gibberish:

“Lmao lucky there was no time left on the clock lol home boy dead hit dat half court shot”

Search for that word salad on Twitter and look who comes up. Some of these “people” haven’t tweeted even once since last year and yet TODAY they all just up and decided to fire up their moribund Twitter account, follow Thurston Mitt and then tweet inane shit like that?

Kids these days, right? Wasting their time on that Twitter, posting nonsense like “Lmao lucky there was no time left on the clock lol home boy dead hit dat half court shot” when they could be watching Internet porn or playing video games. I mean, what gives?

How ridiculously low-brow and stupid Romney’s Twitter followers seem to be would be alarming IF THESE PEOPLE REALLY EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

If you can’t even manage a fuckin’ Twitter account, or delegate better than THIS, how you gonna run a country, Thurston Mitt?

Meanwhile, against all evidence to the contrary (see chart below) the Romney campaign is denying that it purchased any Twitter followers!!!

Posted by Richard Metzger
06:00 pm



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