Strangely satisfying photos of food coordinated with monochromatic clothing

‘Licorice’ and ‘Zero Bar.’ Two of the photos from the series ‘Wardrobe Snacks’ by Kelsey McClellan and Michelle Maguire.
The photos in this post are the result of a joint venture by set and prop stylist Michelle Maguire and photog Kelsey McClellan who came up with the idea to coordinate various kinds of foodstuff and people wearing monochromatic outfits with a distinctly 70s vibe.

The series, Wardrobe Snacks, is oddly satisfying to look at and the pair are offering up prints of all twelve photos from the series for $145 a pop, here. Warning: the images in this post might make you both nostalgic and hungry at the same time. So maybe have a polyester pantsuit and some potato chips handy while you look at them.


‘Filet o’ Fish.’

‘Strawberry wafer.’

‘Sicilian pizza.’




‘Matcha soft-serve.’

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