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Say hi to ‘Teenar’ the guitar made from an armless mannequin of a teenage girl
09:56 am
Say hi to ‘Teenar’ the guitar made from an armless mannequin of a teenage girl

A close look at “Teenar: The Girl Guitar” a creation by Lou Reimuller.
So before you shout “HELL NO” after seeing this image of “Teenar: The Girl Guitar” you should know that it is the creation of the rather talented luthier Lou Reimuller. Now that we have that out of the way, here are some technical specs on Teenar as I know you gearheads must be wondering if you can play ‘er. The short answer is yes as Teenar is a fully functional geetar with 21 frets on her neck and two single-coil pickups that have been embedded into her torso.

Reimuller caused quite a stir on the Internet when his creation made the rounds back in early 2000s—and if you’ve never seen it before it’s not something that I think you’ll easily forget even if you try. Images of the terrifying Teenar follow.

“Teenar” and her creator, Lou Reimuller (pictured in the bottom left corner).
HT: Amy Crehore

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09:56 am



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