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Shitty Donald Trump tattoos
11:43 am
Shitty Donald Trump tattoos

I have no idea why someone would get a tattoo of Donald Trump permanently inked on their body. BUT some folks have and I decided to dedicate a post to those unfortunate tattoos. From what I understand, a lot of these tattoos were actually lost bets. Meaning, the person never actually wanted an image of Trump’s mug etched on their body but lost a bet over who was going to win the presidential race. I feel bad for those folks. I really do. If I was in that same predicament and I’d made that same dumb bet, there’s no way I would have followed through with it. No way!

So kudos to those folks who could actually keep a promise. Idiots! Next time bet a finger!


Trump stamp?











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Posted by Tara McGinley
11:43 am



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