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Spacerock druids Lumerians performing lysergic Osmonds’ cover and interview
12:08 pm

Spacerock combo Lumerians (who share their name with an alien race on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but insist that there is no relation) will be bringing their strangely hypnotic, trance-inducing sound to SXSW again this year.

Known for their live outings featuring elaborate projected psychedelic visuals, the group aims to make each of their performances a ‘happening’ that audiences will not soon forget. SF Weekly music critic Carla Selvin called experiencing Lumerians in concert “tantamount to listening to the soundtrack from an epic science fiction movie about a jungle on another planet.”

Since the release of their first full-length album, Transmalinnia in March of 2011 on Knitting Factory Records, the Bay Area band has steadily racked up new admirers touring with post-punk stalwarts like the Butthole Surfers and Killing Joke.

We caught up with one of the Lumerians for an interview:

How did you know that you were Lumerians?

On our third trip down from Mount Shasta to pay for primitive provisions from the locals using sacks full of gold, we noticed the glares and realized we just might not be like everybody else.

How did you recognize each other as fellow Lumerians?

It’s sort of a dialect/pronunciation thing. When speaking with the language of eyeball-crushing, incendiary spacerock, we noticed little things like elongated vowel sounds and heavy rhotic r’s.

Is there a belief system or lifestyle that Lumerians adhere to? A cosmology?

Wait for the stillest moment, consider something passive and insignificant and then start an argument about it and draw it out as excruciatingly long as you can, preferably with strangers watching.

Is there a Lumerians beach house like the Monkees used to live in or do Lumerians have a space ship?

You know how in Highlander 2 when they recap the whole Highlander history and explain that they’re actually all just ancient exiles from an alien world? I forget where I was going with that, but I guess we live in a spaceship that bends the universe around it rather than flying or maybe it’s a beach house, except instead of sand and water outside, it’s got taco trucks and human trafficking.

Where do Lumerians hang out in Austin during SXSW?

We like to explore using a technique called ‘stumbling distance cartography.’ Look it up.

In the clip below, Lumerians perform their hoodoo-infused cover of The Osmonds’ “Crazy Horses” on San Francisco public access program Dance Party Revival:



Posted by Richard Metzger
12:08 pm



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