Stop subsidizing Wal-Mart’s low pay on behalf of the Walton family’s worthless ‘billion-heirs’

If there is a more loathsome, puke-worthy family of billion-heirs than the Waltons, who are, IMO, straight up, enemies of humanity on so many, many levels, it would have to be the Koch brothers, who are, of course, also dead set against the minimum wage.

S. Robson Walton: $ 19.7 Billion

Jim Walton: $ 20.1 Billion

Christy Walton: $ 24 Billion

Alice Walton: $ 20 Billion

Helen Walton: $ 16.4 billion

In 2004, the Waltons got a tax break of $91,500 an hour. AN HOUR!!!

All the while, their employees lived on poverty-level wages and received BILLIONS of dollars a year from taxpayers!

I mean, how much did they MAKE per hour to get a TAX BREAK like that? It boggles the mind.

At what point will the “off with their heads” moment occur? When “the system” pits one family and their stockholders against much of the world, how long before that camel’s back is going to break?

I think it’s definitely going to happen, more just a matter of when at this point.


Via Senator Bernie Sanders

Posted by Richard Metzger
01:54 pm



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