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Subtle, (and not so subtle) socks that tell everyone around you to ‘fuck off’
09:02 am
Subtle, (and not so subtle) socks that tell everyone around you to ‘fuck off’

“Fuck Off” socks. Get them here.
While I’m a huge fan of the word “fuck,” it’s not always as easy to slip it into conversation as I’d like it to be. What’s more is that the word, or the phrase “fuck off,” are sort of like a “final straw” kind of threat to hurl at someone after you’ve burned through every other conceivable response to shitty human behavior. I used to think it would have been swell to come up with a way to flash the phrase at someone in traffic by way of an electronic sign on the back of my car—but like most of my ideas that have never come to fruition, it probably would have gotten me shot. Especially given the road-ragey drivers on the streets these days who would just run you off the highway because you were sporting the “wrong” kind of bumper sticker on your wheels.

But let’s get back to the point of this post which concerns a line of explicit socks emblazoned with the glorious phrase (or its sister slogan “fuck you”) in different places such as the sole of the sock- or my favorite—the small bit that peeks up over the back of your sneakers. I’m a crass person by nature as clearly stated in my Dangerous Minds bio where I list “cursing” as one of my “interests.” Although I don’t much care for the phenomenon that are “message” shirts and wearables, I am 100% down with my socks speaking for me when I feel like I need to hold my tongue. Which is almost never. I should work on that. Images and links where you can order the aggressive hosiery follow.
A more subtle pair of “Fuck Off” socks. Get a pair here.

A long pair of “Fuck Off” socks. Get them here.

A “Fuck Off” calf-style sock. Get them here.

Another pair of “Fuck Off” socks. Get them here.

A variation on the “Fuck Off” socks, a pair of “Fuck You” socks. Get them here.

Another take on the “Fuck You” sock, the “I Don’t Give A Fuck” sock. Get them here.

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09:02 am



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