The Brian Jonestown Massacre, this week on The Pharmacy
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The Brian Jonestown Massacre, this week on The Pharmacy

Gregg Foreman’s radio program The Pharmacy is a music / talk show playing heavy soul, raw funk, 60′s psych, girl groups, Krautrock. French yé-yé, Hammond organ rituals, post-punk transmissions and “ghost on the highway” testimonials and interviews with the most interesting artists and music makers of our times…

This week, a special episode dedicated to the Austin Psych Fest, a psychedelic music festival started by The Black Angels in 2008. In the past, the festival has featured Roky Erickson, Spectrum and this years headliners The Zombies (who we featured on Pharmacy #19 ), plus this weeks special guests The Brian Jonestown Massacre…

The conversation comes from three viewpoints: the eyes of the band’s leader and founder Anton Newcombe and past and current members Ricky Maymi and Jeff Levitz We also have White Hills, who are also playing the Psych Fest. The group recently made their screen debut in underground director Jim Jarmusch’s film Only Lovers Left Alive.


Who ? - Brian Jonestown Massacre
Sweet Young Thing - The Chocolate Watchband
See Emily Play - Pink Floyd
Intro 1 /Stereo Freeze - Rx/Jackie Mittoo
Brian Jonestown Massacre Conversation Pt.1 Anton Newcombe
Hide and Seek - Brian Jonestown Massacre
Just Out of Reach - The Zombies
Just Out of Reach - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Neon Jesus - The Crocodiles
Rain of Ruin - Suicide
Intro 2 / Psychastenie - Rx / Serge Gainsbourg
Brian Jonestown Massacre Conversation Pt.2 Ricky Maymi
That Girl Suicide - Brian Jonestown Massacre
Arc-Light - Loop
Mushroom - Can
Intro break 1
Brian Jonestown Massacre Conversation Pt.3 Anton Newcombe
Mary, Please - Brian Jonestown Massacre
Intro break 2
Brian Jonestown Massacre Conversation Pt.4 Ricky Maymi
Telephone - The Black Angels
Intro 3 / Red Reflection - Rx / Spindrift
Brian Jonestown Massacre Conversation Pt.4 Jeff Levitz
Sur La Planche - La Femme
Intro break 3
Brian Jonestown Massacre Conversation Pt.5 Anton Newcombe
Food for Clouds - Brian Jonestown Massacre
7 + 7 Is - Love
Intro 2 / Mathar - Rx
White Hills Conversation - Rx / Dave and Ego
Intro 4 / Coming for You - Rx / White Hills

Mr. Pharmacy is a musician and DJ who has played for the likes of Pink Mountaintops, The Delta 72, The Black Ryder, The Meek and more. Since 2012 Gregg Foreman has been the musical director of Cat Power’s band. He started dj’ing 60s Soul and Mod 45’s in 1995 and has spun around the world. Gregg currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and divides his time between playing live music, producing records and dj’ing various clubs and parties from LA to Australia.

You can download the entire show here.
Below, Brian Jonestown Massacre live in Germany, May 2010:

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