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The day the music died: Vintage ads of pop stars selling shit

‘When You’ve Heard Lou, You’ve Heard It All’ Lou Rawls advertising career covered insurance and booze.
Musicians have long depended on patronage from the rich and powerful to sponsor their careers as artists. As far back as composers such as Haydn or Mozart, who earned his keep with a string of patrons starting with Prince-Archbishop Colloredo of Salzburg. It’s the same today with pop stars taking the cash offered by brands like Coke and Pepsi to pay for their tours or alimony or undisclosed bad habits.

While some stars promote things they believe in—guitars, charities—there is always a longer list of those who would sell out for some unbelievably low rent shit—Rod Stewart pimping shoes, Elton John peddling pinball, the Yardbirds shilling toiletries. Occasionally, there are those who are smart enough to use the brand to sponsor their ambitions, like Lou Rawls who sold Budweiser but used the brand to sponsor his telethons. Neat, but not all of the following are in that category.
When Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck sold perfume in sexist sixties ads: ‘She’s among the Yardbirds. She goes for groups. They go for her. She has her own group too. Named after her. Miss Disc. A very ‘in’ group indeed…’
Late 1960s, Dave Brubeck attempts to convince the gullible to buy Sears-Kenmore products in ads for magazines like Better Homes and Gardens.
Rod the Mod was once famous for his sartorial elegance, but here he is dressed as if Walt Disney puked on him.
Willie Nelson probably got some nice denim out of this, or maybe some extra cash to buy weed?
Suits you, sir: Tommy Nutter getting sales with a little help from his friends…
A suit worn by Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. recently sold for $3,200.
A party with Kenny Rogers and The First Edition was offered as a prize for customers of Alcoa Aluminum.
More Miss Disc nonsense: ‘She’s the Hollies’ dolly. Really swings. To life. Makes men lose their heads. But keeps hers. In great shape. With a fab, sensational, terrific new hair spray. Named after her. Miss Disc. Leads the group, Which you can join. Now!’
The Rodspeaker?
Sam Cooke getting more from L&M cigarettes before his untimely death.
Elton John ‘gets immediate attention on location, fast, fascinating action holds play for long runs and super-star collection.’
Before goths and emos: Unisex mascara for that Alice Cooper look.
And then there was this…
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H/T Voices of East Anglia and Effet Buzz.

Posted by Paul Gallagher
02:12 pm



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