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The early jazz album covers of Andy Warhol
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The early jazz album covers of Andy Warhol

Thelonious Monk, Monk, 1954
Before he became just about the most important person in the world in the 1960s, Andy Warhol made a living as a graphic designer. He did a whole slew of album covers and, as is well known, a good many book jackets as well. Often he enlisted his mom to write the scrawled text, as we saw in this delightful mock cookbook from 1959, her handwriting was his secret weapon until he made the silk screen his signature medium of choice.

For most of these albums, he was responsible for the drawing if not necessarily the layout. In the case of the Monk album above, we know it’s his mother’s handwriting and he may not have done the layout, so it’s unclear exactly how much credit he should get, but then again, that was more or less his method at The Factory!
Count Basie
Count Basie, s/t, 1955
Kenny Burrell
Kenny Burrell, Volume 2, 1956
Kenny Burrell
Kenny Burrell, Blue Lights, 1958
Artie Shaw
Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, Both Feet in the Groove, 1956
Frank Lovejoy
Frank Lovejoy, Night Beat, 1949
Bennie Green
Jay Jay Johnson, Kai Winding, and Bennie Green, Trombone by Three, 1956
Moondog, The Story of Moondog, 1957
Joe Newman
The Joe Newman Octet, I’m Still Swinging, 1956
Cool Gabriels
Cool Gabriels, s/t, 1956
Johnny Griffin
Johnny Griffin, The Congregation, 1957
Progressive Piano
Various artists, Progressive Piano, 1952

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