The eye-popping, beautifully surreal collages of Eugenia Loli
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The eye-popping, beautifully surreal collages of Eugenia Loli

Lovers and Flowers
With a keen eye for color and composition, California collage artist Eugenia Loli crafts marvelously bizarre juxtapositions resulting in vibrant, beautiful, and weird images. I cannot recommend checking out Loli’s Tumblr archive  enough. There’s so much eye candy in the galleries that you’re sure to find yourself getting lost there for quite a while. And if you’re not satisfied with digital gawking, you can buy a variety of tangible items including prints, shower curtains and even bedspreads from Loli’s online store.

From Loli’s “About the Artist” page on Tumblr:

Q: Do you have an artist’s statement?

A: “Eugenia Loli originated in the technology sector, but she left that impersonal world behind in order to build new, exciting worlds via her art. Her collages, with the help of the title, often include a teasing, visual narrative, as if they’re still frames of a surreal movie. The viewers are invited to make up the movie’s plot in their mind.”

Q: How do you make your collages?

A: I start by finding a “base” image, and then I sort of build around it. Sometimes I have a concrete idea of what I want to do, and sometimes I leave the images to fit together by themselves. Sometimes, after a lot of juxtaposing, the “base” image might not even be part of the final collage. Most of the time, I try to “say” something important via my art, but other times it’s just about doodling.

Q: What are your influences?

A: I got into collage because I loved Julien Pacaud’s illustrations, but it was Kieron “Cur3es” Cropper who became my main influence. The guy’s a genius. Bryan “Glass Planet” Olson and David Delruelle are also influences of mine. From the older artists, I’d have to say, Magritte. However, I collage on many different styles: from “pop” to dada, and from modern illustrations to traditional surrealism. I don’t believe that artists should “find their style”. That’s artistic death. If I have a style, it’s probably some “meta” aspect of it (e.g. the sarcasm that I usually employ in my collages), rather than something visual.

The images below are my attempt at an adequate overview of Loli’s work. There are literally hundreds more where these came from, some in the form of animated GIFs and often downloadable in full resolution. The titles are the artist’s. The last image is animated and really great!
The Jump Loli
“The Jump”
Triumph of the Spectacle Loli
“Triumph of the Spectacle”
Vacations at Last
“Vacations, at Last”
Corset Loli
Visceral Connection Loli
“Visceral Connection”
Old Fashioned Anarchist
“Old Fashioned Anarchist
Cultural Bias
“Cultural Bias”
Sunday Loli
Gimp Masterminds Loli
“Gimp Masterminds”
Twin Towers
“Twin Towers”
Bloomed Joyride
“Bloomed Joyride”
Animated Gif
An animation based on a collage called “Petaloudes”

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