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‘The Incredible String Band’: When hippies ruled the Earth

Produced in 1969 for the BBC but never aired, Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending features the Incredible String Band performing tunes and aimlessly frollicking in Aquarian Age splendor. The music is good, of course, and the theatrical segments are photographed in the rich and earthy tones of a Sergei Paradjanov film - it’s quite beautiful and more than a little silly. ISB have always been one of my favorite bands and there was a time I wholeheartedly gave myself over to the communal vibe of their concert appearances. Live, they had the ability to create a genuinely mystical atmosphere and the purity of their intentions made up for some of their goofy hippie earnestness.

Warning: if you have an aversion to macrame, flower children and patchouli, your gag reflex will get a healthy workout watching this video, otherwise you’ll probably find the counter-culture hi-jinks quite enjoyable if a bit twee.

Posted by Marc Campbell
04:19 pm



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