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The kids are not alright: Nasty notes, death threats & other troubling pieces of ‘art’ done by kids
12:18 pm
The kids are not alright: Nasty notes, death threats & other troubling pieces of ‘art’ done by kids

Kids these days.
So first things first—I’m a parent myself (terrifying, I know), and have seen my fair share of questionable illustrations done by my own kid. Everything he drew from a very young age was full of blood and guts, and as a bonafide ghoul myself it didn’t worry me one bit. We illustrated gory stuff together and loved every minute of it. At one point during his young life, he told his grandmother to leave the “ants” alone in the giant anthill in her driveway, and this was probably the first of many times I noticed he possessed a strong empathy for all living things, great and small. So listen—just because a child expresses themselves in a way that might seem sinister, it should in no way equate them to perhaps being the next Jeffrey Dahmer. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule including that one, and this post is full of possible warning signs that might support that notion. Though in general, I believe these kids are just behaving like kids—albeit with some serious, badass attitude. And I applaud them.

I know some of the images in this post have made the rounds on other sites. However, I think I’ve managed to pull together an impressively twisted collection you will enjoy full of nasty notes and lots of strange illustrations done by kids who don’t like leprechauns and send letters to relatives in Hell asking how they are doing. Ah, the brutal, unfiltered honesty of youth gone wild—you gotta love it. Some of the images that follow are slightly NSFW.

Tough break, Valerie.





I’m with this kid when it comes to Leprechauns.




The “truth brush” is very direct.



The saddest paper snowflake ever.



I’ve never liked water slides.


Sound advice!

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12:18 pm



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