The socially deviant and provocative digital art of Waldemar Von Kozak
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The socially deviant and provocative digital art of Waldemar Von Kozak

A digital illustration by Waldemar von Kozak.
Waldemar von Kozak lives and works in Russia as a freelance artist. His art is reminiscent of work produced by Robert Maguire whose illustrations were published on the covers of over 600 pulp novels starting in 1950. Like Maguire, Kozak’s illustrations are boldly colorful and often feature bodaciously-endowed gorgeous women in various stages of undress.

After finishing his education at Tver Art College in Central Russia, Kozak received a degree in Graphic Design and ended up focusing his talents on digital illustration. Kozak’s work has been used to advertise everything from booze to projects for large corporations looking for a way to visually engage their clientele. Kozak once mused about his desire to put out a book containing his eye-popping, often confrontational illustrations, which I am happy to report he did last year. You get the fully customizable, digital-only publication for $25 bucks over at Kozak’s official website where he also has some of his choice prints for sale.

I’ve posted a salacious selection of Kozak’s NSFW work for you to check out below.






A fantastic riff by Kozak on the European fairy tale, ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’







One of the prints available on Kozak’s website.





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