The surreal psychedelic art of Giovanni Forlino
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The surreal psychedelic art of Giovanni Forlino

A painting by Giovanni Forlino.
Giovanni Forlino is a young artist who works out of a studio in Manhattan. Before he turned twenty, Forlino was well into developing his striking, psychedelic style of illustration and painting—and his artistic evolution continues to inspire his fans as well as his 34.3 million followers on Instagram.

In the summer of 2017, Forlino created an 84-page coloring book called Giovanni Forlino’s Fantastic Coloring Book full of his hallucinatory paintings and drawings. The book retails for just $2.49 here and I’m sure after you check out the images of Forlino’s far-out art, you’ll want one for your very own. His style is reminiscent of John Kricfalusi—or John K. as he is better known—the man who gave us the gift that never stops giving, The Ren & Stimpy Show. Lest you still have any lingering doubt of Forlino’s skill and appeal, his artwork has been displayed on the walls of prominent museums such as The Getty and Guggenheim—a remarkable accomplishment for any artist regardless of age. Some of the images that follow are NSFW.











Forlino showing the aftermath of his work.
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