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Tim Curry: The advantages of a good tambourine and his song from ‘The Worst Witch’

You can learn much from Tim Curry.

For example, the advantages to be found by investing in a good tambourine.

Like the one seen here, in this short clip of Mr. Curry from The Worst Witch, of which one happy-viewer wrote:

God the minute he gets out that Tambourine I lose it.

While another noted:

When he busted out the tambourine, my head exploded!

Who else but Mr. Curry knew and could share the power of the tambourine - other than, perhaps, some Salvation Army zealot?

But it’s not just the joys of his zil jangling that can have such a delirious affect:

Whenever I hear his voice, my panties fly off


Well, my boner just ripped through my pants.

Of course, the film also has its fans:

I remember watching this screaming and wetting my seat!

Though some will admit:

I only watched this movie for Tim Curry!


Surprisingly enough, this was easy to masturbate to


Oh, I’m LITERALLY giving a blowjob now.

Though most will ultimately agree:

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

Now we know.

So, this year, I’ll be taking my lead form Mr. Curry and investing in a day-glo cape, a bat bow-tie and a good tambourine - who knows where it may lead?

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Posted by Paul Gallagher
07:39 pm



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