Transfixing masks that transform you into an old man, clown, ghoul, or Donald Trump
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Transfixing masks that transform you into an old man, clown, ghoul, or Donald Trump

A clown named “Ron.” A realistic silicone mask by Igor Velgach.
Based in Glenview, Illinois mask maker Igor Velgach is the artist behind the all-to-realistic silicone masks you are about to see in this post. I highly advise you have a good pallet cleanser—such as a video featuring kittens or puppies frolicking in a tub full of flowers nearby because you’re going to need it.

According to Velgach, all of his masks are carefully constructed starting with a prototype made of plasticine which eventually becomes in many cases, a sinister looking silicone creation that is so startlingly realistic it is nearly impossible to tell that you are looking at a faux face. The talented artist can make a mask based on any request—though Velgach notes that to do so requires that a mold is taken of your head in order to guarantee that it fits correctly. This kind of expert craftsmanship does not come cheap and Velgach’s masks, which he sells over at his Etsy shop The Masker, run from $499 to $1399 a pop. I’ve included photos of Velgach’s masks below which include two terrifying silicone masks in the image of our 45th president that look even more lifelike than the real thing. Yikes.

“Viking Björn.”

“Smiley Fred.”

“Punk Romul.”

“Old Man Robert.”

“Old Man Marvin.”



“Friar Tuck.”


“Donald Trump Jr.”

“Mr. President.”

“Scary Clown.”


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