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Trippy Czechoslovakian movie posters of classic American films
03:28 pm
Trippy Czechoslovakian movie posters of classic American films

Hello Dolly, poster created 1970
Man, I really got lost in the massive archive of Czechoslovakian posters of American films on the Terry Posters website. I cherry-picked the ones I really dug, but there are a ton more that might strike your fancy. A lot of these are for sale too. If you see something you just gotta have, it just might be available for purchase.

As a side note: The poster for Ghostbusters below really has me scratching my head….

Ghostbusters, poster created 1988

Mary Poppins, poster created 1969

My Fair Lady, poster created 1967

Planet of the Apes, poster created 1970

Cinderella, poster created 1970

Rebel Without A Cause, poster created 1969

The Birds / Psycho, poster created 1970

Flipper’s New Adventure, poster created 1969

The Seven Year Itch, poster created 1964

The Days of the Condor, poster created 1979

Splendor in the Grass, poster created 1969

The Pink Panther, poster created 1966

Roman Holiday, poster created 1964

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Next, poster created 1978

Cleopatra, poster created 1967

100 Riffles, poster created 1971

h/t to WFMU on Twitter

Posted by Tara McGinley
03:28 pm



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