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Truly outrageous: Can ‘Jiz’ save the abortion that was the ‘Jem’ movie?

“Why can’t we have a baby?”
“Uh, DUH, because I like abortions.”
“But can’t we let one go to full term?”
“Oh gross. Look. You know the rules. Only live things go in my pussy…”
“Yes, and only dead things come out, yes I remember.”

I was just having a conversation with my editor and comrade here at Dangerous Minds, Richard Metzger, and we were discussing classic overdubbed comedy videos, such as the ones we recently featured in this post about The Rusty James Show.

I was surprised to find he was unfamiliar with the Internet classic, Jiz. Later, in talking to others, I found that I actually had a great number of friends that had never been turned onto the work of Sienna D’Enema and his reworkings of the classic Jem and the Holograms cartoons. This is certainly a tragedy that must be rectified.

A truly, truly, truly outrageous tragedy…
Most of the Jiz cartoon parodies are about six years old now, but the humor is timeless if you enjoy very politically-incorrect toilet humor about drag queens who love drugs, abortions, the word “motherfucking,” gangbangs, shitty panties, and lipstick lesbians.

This is classic transgressive get-real-high-and-overdub-shit video art:
The classic “Abortion Episode” of Jiz:

The very special “Drug Episode”:

The “40th Annual Porn Awards” episode where Jiz is nominated for “Best Up the Butt Actress”:

There’s a shitload more at Sienna D’Enema’s YouTube channel. I recommend spending a day there. But that brings us to the point of this whole post…

In October of last year, the Jem and the Holograms movie was released. It has become one of the most-hated film releases of the last decade. The old Jem And The Holograms cartoon series from the 1980s was a beloved favorite for an entire generation of pre-teen girls, and the movie adaptation promised a killer live-action version of the glamorous cartoon singer. Unfortunately, the live-action movie “reboot” had little to do with the original cartoon and was more of a limp, misguided Hanna Montana-esque story that alienated fans of the original animated superstar. To say this film was utterly despised by fans of the original series is an understatement. It’s been widely panned and trashed, having received what many consider a “charitable” 19% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I had wondered if this absolutely abhorred film adaptation could be saved by Sienna D’Enema, and was happy to discover that last year Sienna produced an overdubbed version of the original trailer. Perhaps Universal Pictures would like to take the film—which grossed $2.3 million worldwide on a $5 million budget—and offer it up to Sienna D’Enema for a brutal make-over. I mean, it couldn’t hurt. If they monetize it through YouTube, they might actually get enough hits to pay off the catering budget.

Clearly what was missing from 2015’s Jem and the Holograms film was abortions and meth and gangbangs.

“Who directed this shit? Am I in a Bonnie Tyler video?”

Posted by Christopher Bickel
08:56 am



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