WASTED Richard Nixon talks, slurs his words to Ronald Reagan on the telephone, 1973
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WASTED Richard Nixon talks, slurs his words to Ronald Reagan on the telephone, 1973

Richard Nixon is quite clearly drunk as a skunk (unless he took ‘ludes!) in this amazing LOL-worthy recording of a telephone conversation with California governor Ronald Reagan.

The call was taped on April 30, the same evening Nixon had gone on television to announce that two of his top aides, H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, had resigned and offer the nation details on the breaking Watergate scandal.

Via Mediaite:

“I couldn’t be better,” Nixon insisted after warmly greeting Reagan on what should have been a somber night.

“The time is so far different,” Nixon, a California native, continued. “The time is only 7 o’clock or 8 o’clock there, huh?

“Yes,” Reagan replied.

“How nice of you to call,” the president added.

“You can count on us,” Reagan said after noting how difficult it must have been to deliver the Watergate speech. “We’re still behind you out here.”

“Each of us is a different religion,” Nixon said, pivoting. “But, Goddamn it Ron, we have got to build peace in the world. And that’s what I’m working on.”

That and a massive hangover from the sound of his slurred voice!

“How’d you ever marry such a pretty girl?” Nixon asked Regan after requesting the Golden State governor send his regards to his wife.

“I’m lucky,” Reagan replied.

“Where are you now? Are you in Sacramento?” Nixon asked.

“No, Los Angeles,” Regan answered.

“Good for you,” the president replied. “Get out of that miserable city.”

It’s awkward. And all over the place. But funny. Totally worth the listen, I promise.

If Nixon and Brezhnev necked some Russian vodka during the Soviet leader’s White House visit, I can’t wait to hear that tape, too.

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