Watch every episode of your cult TV favorites playing at the same time

Why? How? Who cares! This is just rather awesome!

YouTube user Omni Verse has put together ten minute packages of your favorite cult TV shows in an intense “videoggedon,” where all the episodes are played at the same time!

From Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, to Kolchak—The Night Stalker, Planet of the Apes and Doctor Who. This is like a ten-minute sugar rush of cult TV heaven!

‘Star Trek’ all 80 episodes played at same time.

‘The Twilight Zone’ all 156 episodes at the same time.

‘Kolchak—The Night Stalker’ 20 eps all at once.

‘Doctor Who’ all 178 Tom Baker episodes.

‘Planet of the Apes’ all 14 episodes.

‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ all 176 eps.

‘UFO’ all 26 eps.

‘Knight Rider’ all 90 eps.

‘Stargate—SG 1’ all 216 episodes.

‘Kung Fu’ all 63 episodes at same time.

‘Thundercats’ all 130 eps.

‘Lost in Space’ all 84 eps.

‘Mission: Impossible’ all 171 episodes.

‘Thunderbirds’ all 32 episodes.

‘Get Smart’ all 138 episodes at once.



‘Blake’s 7’ all 52 episodes.

‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ all 178 episodes at once.

‘Astroboy’ all 52 episodes.

‘Monkey’ all 52 episodes.

‘Babylon 5’ all 110 episodes played at once.

‘Twilight Zone’ 1985, all 110 episodes played at the same time.

‘Star Trek Voyager’ all 172 episodes at the same time.
With thanks to Neil McDonald!

Posted by Paul Gallagher
02:32 pm



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