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We have a winner in the Denon Funniest Band Name Contest!
03:33 pm

Sorry for the delay in announcing this, folks, there was an extremely annoying plumbing issue at Chez Metzger this weekend. The good news is, we have a winner! Danny Myshrall has won the grand prize of a Denon RDC-N7 stereo receiver with Denon SC-N7 speakers for his entry: Taupe Sabbath! (That’s a real beauty, ain’t it? We could all agree on that one)

The runner-ups, who’ll both be receiving Denon AH-NC600 noise-canceling earphones are “Mean Mr Mustard,” who came in second place with Ned Beatty & the Squealers (ouch!) and Perry for his brilliant entry, Bristol Palin and the Rhythm Method, which came in third. Congratulations to all of the winners!
Here are some of our other top picks from the contest:

Family Circle Jerk [Nice!]
Solo Posse
Harpoontang [If this isn’t already a porno title, it’s about to be soon]
F is for Flake [a sly Orson Welles ref, I likey]
Closet Queen (“The Completely Heterosexual
Queen Tribute Band”) [A top favorite]
Phosphorescent swirly
Skidmark Valedictorians
The Whom [If I was judging the contest solo, I’d have picked this one to win]
Fuck Owens [or this one!]
Listen Up, Missies!
Rodney On the Crockpot [Los Angeles in the house!]
The Phil Spector Wigs
Depression Era Tears
Cocaine Dust Bowl
New, Albeit, Dead [Love this one!]
Pete Best’s Luck
Early Styx [Awesome!]
Traditional [Brad Laner and I both really liked this entry]
The Palindromessemordnilap
I’m Not Racist, But ...
Does Anyone Else Confuse Rip Taylor with Rip Torn?
If You Like Pińa Colostamys
The Outsourced Love
Pest Sounds [Worthy!]
Shitty Candy
Surrounded by Ladies
Pain Grocery
The Donner Pool Party
Floppy Dicks
Gay for Pay
Morning Wood
Pinchers Of Loaf
Jacob’s Bladder
The Dyslexic Nerd Renegades!
Bob Saget’s Inner monologue (a “Sludge Metal” band, probably from a rural area)
Meth Lab for Cutie
Wizards of Banality, The
Latter Day Elvis
Dudley More
Jethro Starship
Echinacean Miracle (jam band)
Pincode Wizard
Craigslist Babies
Texting Lane [Jello Biafra-worthy, that one]
Black Lennon
Oat Foot
Poop Lamp [a fave]
Bad Night For Hands
Skirt Fur
Gay Republicans For Jesus
Shit or Get Off the Cross
Afros & Assholes
Picasso’s Last Fart
Over Before You Know It
Bill Paxton’s Uncle
Fatgirl Laugh
Fuck Me Toothless [Ha!]
Retardy Tea Party
3 Teeth Left
The Tina Yothers Experience
Cup O’ Noodles
I Taste Pennies [!?!?!]
Carrie Fisher Pity Party
Fela Cooties [Wonderful!]
It’s Longer Than You Think
The Teeth, UK.
Morning Squirt
Totally Todd
Robin Williams on Coke
I Shot the Deputy
Al Sharpton’s Sharpie Collection
Wolf Pants

And finally, honorable mention goes to:
I’m not on twit or facebook so fuck all yall nazi ass motherfuckers.

Thank you everyone for entering, it was a lot of fun to read most of your entries. Some of y’all are just nasty!

Posted by Richard Metzger
03:33 pm



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