What if all the great American punk heroes had their own classic comic book titles?

Not long ago a Brazilian artist going by the name W. Loud cooked up some excellent punk rock/Marvel mashup covers. W. Loud’s graffiti-style signature cleverly transforms that “W” into a little crown on top of the word “LOUD.”)

Loud dedicated one image each to covers for the Descendents, Black Flag, the Misfits, the Dead Kennedys, and Minor Threat (whom we’ll count as “punk” for the purposes of this exercise). Loud appears to favor the U.S. variety of punk rocker, there ain’t a Brit in the bunch. For the most part, the covers are freely invented, not 1:1 homages,  but Loud was sure to sprinkle in lots of clues to transmit his enthusiasm for both Marvel lore and the bands. He made sure to work in the familiar band logos and slogans (“EVERYTHING SUCKS TODAY!”) as well as the pivotal first year of the band’s existence.

So you have Milo popping up on the outfits of two members of the Descendents, the familiar Alternative Tentacles logo occupying a corner of the Dead Kennedys cover, and devilock’d Jerry Only and crew backing up Danzig as was their lot in real life.

You can get prints and T-shirts of these images at the Touts website.

Henry Rollins with the chest logo and fiery paw of Iron Fist

The Descendents, a dead match for Fantastic Four #3

That “DK” on Jello Biafra’s chest, strongly reminiscent of Daredevil’s logo (dig the the circles emanating from Jello’s noggin too)

Glenn Danzig as the Punisher

Washington, DC’s own version of the X-Men, with nods to Nightcrawler and Cyclops

Dee Dee temporarily borrowing Tony Stark’s arc reactor heart

Tommy’s retractable blades a dead giveaway for Wolverine in this image, a bit like The Uncanny X-Men #173

Conservative Johnny with the trappings of Captain America

Joey with Spidey’s mask in his back pocket

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