You Don’t Say!: Nicolas Cage’s face on pillows, bedding, & wallpaper
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You Don’t Say!: Nicolas Cage’s face on pillows, bedding, & wallpaper

A shirtless Nicolas Cage lying inside of a banana peel. Get it here
I’ve seen Cage’s latest cinematic masterpiece of WTF, Mandy at least three times since its release last month. If we have learned anything from Nicolas Cage during his long acting career it is this—never count the man out. Cage has been everything from hero to anti-hero, and even had a short run as a tasty Japanese snack. He’s been a loser, a winner, a punk, a prisoner, a terrifyingly authentic drunk, and most recently a relentless backwoods lumberjack out for revenge.

Of course, a large part of society’s younger members became acquainted with Cage’s incredibly emotive face thanks to a legendary meme of the actor giving us his best crazy face in a scene from the 1988 film Vampire’s Kiss. The Nic Cage “You Don’t Say!” meme is almost as famous as the actor himself and to prove this point, many of the items featured in this Cage-centric post use this image of Nic as well as a variety of others for pillows, bedding and yes, even wallpaper. If you’ve ever wanted to hug a pillow with a photo of a shirtless Nic Cage sitting inside a banana peel (gloriously pictured at the top of this post), then goddammit this is your lucky day.

All of the items in this post can be yours for about twenty bucks or so depending on how deep your love for Nicolas Cage is. I’ve included links below each image in case you just realized how incomplete your life is because you don’t own a fleece blanket with Cage’s mug eerily photoshopped with the Declaration of Independence. Some images might be slightly NSFW.

Nicolas Cage mashed up with the Declaration of Independence fleece blanket. Get it here.

Nicolas Cage hugging a rainbow. Squeee! Get it here.

Repeat after me: This fourteen-inch pillow of Nicolas Cage isn’t creepy at all. Get it here.

No words. Get it here.

This seems relaxing. Get the pillow here.

Cage as an angry bunny. Get it here.

An amazing ‘Jaws’/Cage pillow. Get it here.

PICOLAS CAGE! Get it here.

Nicolas Cage as artist Vincent Van Gogh giving us a taste of the classic “Vampire’s Kiss” meme.

Cage as the Mona Lisa.

Cage in full-on “Cage-rage” in this homage to the 1960 film ‘Psycho.’ Also comes as a duvet cover.

The “Here’s Nic!” pillow. A play on Cage as Jack Nichoson in ‘The Shining.’ Get it here.

Cage in a scene from the 2006 remake of ‘The Wicker Man.’ Get it here.

Cage’s meme-face in a ‘Alien’/‘The Wicker Man’ themed pillow. Get it here.

Actual wallpaper wtih Nicolas Cage’s face inside the roses called “Caged Flower.” Get it here.

It’s hard to see but this wallpaper features Nicolas Cage’s face. See it up close and buy it for yourself here.

The scene which launched a million Nicolas Cage memes from 1988’s ‘Vampire’s Kiss.’

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