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You got post-punk in my post-hardcore: check out David Yow and GVSB covering Joy Division
12:39 pm

Via Travis Michael Keller at the always illuminating Buddyhead:

Henry Owings (of Chunklet Magazine fame + posted this video on Facebook and wrote this along with it… “This bands just sounds like a David Yow fronted Girls Against Boys doing Joy Division”

Nailed it.

Yow is touring with the reconstituted Girls Against Boys (new album next week) to mark the release of his first solo album, Tonight You Look Like a Spider, which has already achieved a level of infamy for having a limited run of its initial pressing released encased in concrete. The notorious ex frontman for Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard, and Qui talks about how his album came to be on Joyful Noise Recordings’ blog:

[Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton] is an extremely industrious and good looking man. He grabbed me violently by my dry and flakey shoulders and screamed at the top of his carbon flavored lungs, “YOU’RE MAKING A SOLO RECORD AND I’M PUTTING IT OUT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!”

So yeah I’ll just shut my damn yap now so you can watch the thing.

Posted by Ron Kretsch
12:39 pm



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