YOUR FACE HERE: Pop tART Gallery opens in LA with unusual Austin Young exhibit
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Flame-haired “It Girl” of Los Angeles and nationally celebrated art curator, Lenora Claire, along with her partner, Phyliss Navidad (“one of the 25 most inspiring people in Los Angeles”—Frontiers magazine) are opening the new Pop tART Gallery in Koreatown this weekend.

The inaugural event features famed photographer Austin Young—I think his work is brilliant—who’ll be setting up his portrait studio in the gallery:

YOUR FACE HERE is a solo exhibition by artist Austin Young that challenges the normative conditions in which portraits are produced and exhibited. Young, for over 25 years, has been a celebrated portrait photographer and artist, whose works blurs the lines, and transcends the distinctions, between fashion, portraiture, and gender. This exhibition marks a rare and glamorous moment when Young will generously open his lens onto the public.

For the duration of the exhibition, Young will establish his art studio for a 5 week residency at Pop tART Gallery. The artist will be present during gallery hours for portrait sittings, which will eventually fill the walls of the gallery. The public is invited to participate as the subject of the exhibition through the purchase of the pop cultural real estate of the gallery walls. Participation extends beyond simply sitting for a portrait - it will be a collaborative process where the participants determine the portrait’s size and placement. Following the legacy of Warhol’s Factory, Young will transform each participant into an art celebrity. Or, just impress your high school chums by having the man who just broke attendance records at LACMA with his co-collaborator’s of Fallen Fruit take your Facebook profile pic. Bring your face! The closing reception will be your reception! Come see you face in lights.

Celebrity make-up artists will be on site for beautification.

YOUR FACE HERE by Austin Young, January 29th - March 5th, 2011. Opening reception: January 29th, 7-10pm/closing reception: March 5th.

Pop tART Gallery, 3023 W. 6th St. Los Angeles, CA 90020

Posted by Richard Metzger
06:57 pm



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