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Doll Parts: Artist brings Barbie and Ken to life using strippers and porn stars
09:47 am

One of photographer Alex Sandwell Kliszynski’s creepy real life Ken dolls.
Back in 2008, UK photographer Alex Sandwell Kliszynski somehow came up with the idea to create a series of photos depicting strippers and porn stars as if they were old-fashioned Barbie and Ken dolls. And the results are pretty creepy, to say the very least.

I sadly don’t have much more information on Kliszynski other than these bizarre photoshopped images of his real dolls that are missing their nipples and genitalia. I did manage to track down an article published by Jezebel that cited a quote from Ben Barna, now the Senior Digital Editor over on Nylon, who wrote about Kliszynski’s IRL Barbie dolls during his time with BlackBook magazine:

“When I was younger, playing with Barbie dolls was a big faux-pas. No matter how fascinated I was by their boundlessly bendable legs; you just didn’t do it (even though I did it). Finally, artist Alex Sandwell Kliszynski has created a series of dolls I can play with.”

So on that note, is it still NSFW to look at a photo of man or woman in the nude that is devoid of their private party-parts? I’m here to tell you that, yes, yes it is. Very much so. Enjoy!


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Posted by Cherrybomb
09:47 am