Bitcoin, the gateway drug: Apparently there’s now Bitcoin ecstasy
03:29 pm

It used to be that you bought drugs on Silk Road using Bitcoins, but now you buy Bitcoin drugs with real currency.

Switzerland-based Redditor Omnibrain uploaded the above image with this caption:

I heard some guy in the restroom of a club talking about bitcoins. After a short, extremely confusing conversation, he showed me what he was talking about…

Masongy on reviewed his/her experience taking the Bitcoin-themed ecstasy back in February, 2014:


dropped 1 of these pills at 8.30pm(crunched)and came up furiously within 15 minutes. Lovely waves of rushes, eye wobbles and some serious gurning (went through 2 packs of spoggy)! Felt SO loved up, there was some massive group hugs going around. Peaked after about 50 minutes and felt amazing. MDM-AZING! Dropped another half later on when peak started to wear off. And then another half in the small hours. Dancing like crazy to Trevor Nelson on 1EXTRA, inhibitions totally went so poppped a few moves I’d normally be incapable of. This was a flashback to the old days, my Mrs. was rushing so much she just layed there with a crazy gurn during the peak. All in all a GREAT night, with my Mrs and best mate there and all, my new mate too on his 21st birthday…

Easily as advertised. A good 200mg banger! Happy partying.

Remember kiddies, don’t do drugs. And definitely don’t do Bitcoin!

Via Nerdcore and ANIMAL

Posted by Tara McGinley
03:29 pm