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The hilariously f*cked-up art of defacing kids’ coloring books (NSFW)

Looking for a scintillating opening paragraph to begin this piece on hilariously defaced kids’ coloring books, I thought it’d be fun to share a few of the images with a psychoanalyst friend to get his take. Oh boy, was that a bad idea. His eventual response after a few hours of email silence was:

I’d really like to ask the question “Where did the bad man touch you?”

Note to self: Humor and analysis don’t mix.

Second note to self: Never go to an analyst.

But at least I got my opener, well, other than saying:

You’ll never be able to look your favorite childhood cartoon characters in the eye again after a swatch of these Coloring Book Corruptions. Just take a moment to look at what they’ve done to poor Eeyore or innocent little Bambi and darn-it! even Bert ‘n’ Ernie and you’ll see what I mean. (Though to be fair, the Bert ‘n’ Ernie picture does seem somehow kinda likely, though why I’m not quite sure.)

Since the dawn of cave paintings and other cliched tropes, people have been drawing dicks and tits and generally fucking up other people’s artwork with occasional gut-busting results. Admit it. What was more fun in high school? Listening to the calculus teacher drone on about whatever the fuck calculus is or drawing dicks on the pictures in some text book?

The doodling talent behind Coloring Book Corruptions explains how it all started out of “boredom.”

Boredom will produce a wide variety of things. One fine day whilst visiting my cousin, we decided to color. If not for her enjoyment of this hobby, this past time would have never been born. We sat down to begin and I casually flipped through a rather large coloring book. Perhaps it was fated that this particular coloring book was full of slightly deranged looking animals. I could not help but imagine them plotting and feuding with one another. Inspired, I began to turn a seemingly innocent children’s coloring book into something both awful and hilarious (at least to me). I feel this concept should be shared with the world based on the twisted amusement it has brought me.

Coloring Book Corruptions seemed to disappear for a couple of years (or maybe that was just me not paying attention), but now you too can enhance some treasured childhood memory with some pencils or crayons right here.
More comic coloring book chortles, after the jump…

Posted by Paul Gallagher
09:09 am