Unintentionally hilarious anti-domestic violence music video means well and yet…
04:41 pm

Meet Darryl Snider AKA DaddyDaDa. He’s got a little ditty he wants to rap for ya’ll called “Treat All Women With Respect.” Now when I clicked play and started watching I immediately assumed that this was an Adult Swim piece for their Infomercials block. You know, where Too Many Cooks came from. But it’s not. It’s actually a real low-budget music video sincerely preaching against domestic violence. It just goes about its mission in a very, very odd manner.

While I applaud DaddyDaDa’s efforts and the video’s message, I really don’t think it’s going to have any effect at all in the fight against domestic violence. As in none. With its opening lyrics “One, two, three four, no more women on the floor” and that flute break (yep, there’s a flute break) this is just… WHAT IS THIS exactly?!

Heads up guys - I’m talking to you,
Life’s not easy – so what ya gonna do?
Step to the plate and be a man
Never hit a woman - or abuse a child
It’s just wrong - and illegal too
Someday it will catch up with you
Times have changed - domestic violence
Will no longer go down - and be silenced

The forced couplets are the least of it, though. Perhaps I’m being a tad harsh and this is actually pure genius?

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Posted by Tara McGinley
04:41 pm