Dangerous Finds: New Pixies video; Vatican had a male prostitution ring; ‘Sexist sausages’
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Image via Scarfolk
Weird items left in hotel rooms - Telegraph

As of May, there were 55,000 abandoned homes in Florida, one-third of the national total - Huffington Post

Be honest: Is your kid an asshole? - Jezebel

Gentleman may be angriest guitar player of all time - Boing Boing

Petition: Call for the resignation of Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst based on misconduct during Wendy Davis’ filibuster of sb5 -

The fading future of religious opposition to same-sex marriage - Washington Post

Meet the host of the KKK’s online kids’ show - The Daily Dot

California punk rock photo pop-up, booksigning June 28-30 at La Luz de Jesus - Cartwheel

Priest reveals Vatican had rentboy ring - Cath News

Alec Baldwin on latest Twitter rant: “I’m not interested in offending anyone” - Gothamist

The Japanese practice of catching and killing nearly 1,000 whales a year cannot be justified as science, an expert witness told the World Court on Thursday in a case Australia has brought against Japan - Scientific American

Letters made from household objects, by photographer Bela Borsodi - Booooooom!

Watch a supercut of Pete Campbell, Mad Men ranter extraordinaire - Vulture

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon - WWD

Traer Scott’s unforgettable images of street dogs - My Modern Met

Bottled-water purchase leads to night in jail for UVa student - The Daily Progress

The 100 best albums of the 1980s - Fact

Storm over his and hers ‘sexist sausages’ - Arbroath

Why is the Obama administration suddenly so interested in African farms? - Mother Jones

Video: This is what Austin looks like from a drone - Austinist

US army blocks access to Guardian website to preserve ‘network hygiene’: Military admits to filtering reports and content relating to government surveillance programs for thousands of personnel - The Guardian

Byzantium explores what vampirism would actually be like - io9

Iggy Pop visits Marc Maron for a chat about Stooges, orgasms, and Andy Warhol - WTFpod

Texas Republican leader blasts Perry: He ‘crossed a line’ criticizing Wendy Davis - Think Progress

Below, video for Pixies’ new song “Bagboy”:

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Dangerous Finds: Ian MacKaye on life/family; Idiot stuck in traffic cone; Why we have sex at night
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Scientists in Japan have cloned a mouse from a single drop of blood - BBC News

Dischord’s Ian MacKaye on touring as a family, building community, making the world a better place, and what he’s got in mind for Ypsilanti this Friday evening - Mark

Who wants to be in a Matthew Barney film? - Animal NY

A squeal of pain: Vita Sackville-West’s love letter to Virginia Woolf - Letters of Note

Wendy Davis fans write hilarious reviews of her sneakers on Amazon - Salon

Global warming may affect soil microbe survival, with unknown consequences on soil fertility and erosion - Science Daily

Forced to work sick? That’s fine with Disney, Red Lobster, and their friends at ALEC - Mother Jones

Is there any point to the 12 Times Table? - Wolfram Blog

“I got raped, then my problems started” - Vice

Scientists explain their processes with a little too much honesty [17 pictures] - 22 Words

Watch how a pro surfer inspires autistic kids to smile - Yahoo

Publicly mourning a private man: Seitz on the funeral of James Gandolfini - Vulture

Florida burglar hacked with machete, shot with own gun during robbery attempt - NY Daily News

Hey, MSM: All journalism is advocacy journalism - Rolling Stone

How Shirley Jackson wrote The Lottery - Slate

‘Happy endings’ not illegal: men masturbation in exchange for money in Guangdong is not considered an act of prostitution, and those who provide these services will not face prosecution - Global Times

18 jaw-dropping ocean photos you have to see right this second - BuzzFeed

Why Is Hip hop (and the rest of pop culture) still so obsessed with Kurt Cobain? - FlavorWire

Wade Robson details sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson - TMZ

Dutch city council erroneously pronounces Nelson Mandela dead - Huffington Post

Way too many Americans spend most of their income on rent - Gawker

First unlooted royal tomb of its kind unearthed in Peru: Three queens were buried with golden treasures, human sacrifices - National Geographic

Chris Pace imagines the New York City subway as an 8-bit video game - Motherboard

When the last of us are left, how long would it take to transcribe Wikipedia? - Scientific American

A squirting Iggy Pop - Dlisted

Humans can have sex anytime we damn well please – so why do we mostly do it in the dark? Here’s what science has to say about our preference for nighttime hookups - io9

None of Tesla’s all-electric vehicles are sold in car dealerships, which could be a problem in states that are looking to ban auto manufacturers from selling directly to customers - CNET

Do chimpanzees understand death? Boing Boing

Hundreds of maggots crawling over elderly woman’s open wounds helped keep her alive after she was neglected and left to rot by daughter - Daily Mail

Below, some idiot gets himself stuck in a traffic cone, because why not:

Video via HYST

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Dangerous Finds: Motörhead cancel tour; Kim Gordon’s album; My dad was in Prince and the Revolution
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A Clockwork Sunday by Rabittooth

The music NASA used to wake up astronauts in space, 1965-2012: Queen, REM, Bowie, Sousa, Ramones, More - h/t WFMU

Not the kind of news I want to report: Motörhead cancel European dates due to Lemmy’s health - Cherry Bombed

Two girls and mother killed in northern Pakistan over a home video showing them enjoying the rain -

10 great documentaries about punk rock - FlavorWire

Mark Lanegan covers Nick Cave, Frank Sinatra, Chelsea Wolfe on new album, Imitations - Consequence of Sound

The lavish £345million five-star CAVE hotel being built in an abandoned Chinese quarry - Daily Mail

Q & A with Temple Grandin on The Autistic Brain - Scientific American

Swimsuit-wearing thief caught on video trying on shoes and peeing on patio - Arbroath

Jokes only smart people can understand: What is your favourite intellectual joke? - reddit h/t Neatorama

Hunger affects decision-making and perception of risk - Science Daily

It is a good day to be Rick Rubin - The Daily Beast

Antonin Scalia’s self-pitying, angry nostalgia: Supreme Court’s arch-conservative says legalizing same-sex marriage discriminates against people who don’t want it - Salon

Kim Gordon’s Body/Head announce new album, Coming Apart, on Matador - Pitchfork

The National Institutes of Health announced today that most of America’s federal stockpile of chimpanzees will be permanently retired from biomedical research - Gawker

Backdoor Christianity: “The Loophole” by Garfunkel and Oates finds a way around abstinence (NSFW) - Christian Nightmares

What do most philosophers believe? A wide-ranging survey project gives us some idea - Open Culture

Biggest cause of personal bankruptcy: Medical bills - Today

Woman drinks Coke instead of water for 16 years - PopSci

Babes of Yore: Ann-Margret - The World’s Best Ever

Tapir penis: Almost as horrifying as echidna penis - Boing Boing

Icelandic minister asked “8 or 9” FBI agents to leave country over WikiLeaks: Agents said they were there to stop hackers, were really investigating leakers - Ars Technica

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates what happens when you shake a can of soda and open it on the ocean floor - Laughing Squid

The Rolling Stones stage designer Mark Fisher dies, aged 66 - NME

Here’s everything the World War Z movie has in common with the book - io9

Don’t worry, Kanye West is still the creative director of The Jetsons movie - IndieWire

The Netherlands is closing prisons due to a serious prisoner shortage - MSN

My dad was in Prince and the Revolution - My Dad Was in a Band

Below, SE7EN practices its counting skills with Sesame Street’s “Pinball Number Count”: 

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Dangerous Finds: Bodyguard chokes Anthony Kiedis, Richard Matheson RIP, David Lynch’s new song
06:24 pm

Bodyguard chokes Anthony Kiedis after mistaking him for a fan - Gawker

Richard Matheson dies, aged 87 - Den of Geek

12-year-old girl kicked off football team because boys had ‘impure thoughts’ about her - Think Progress

Plants Are Better At Math Than You Are: Research suggests they can divide and estimate amounts and time - PopSci

The first episode of Drunk History is online - Comedy Central

Republicans in the Texas House on Monday passed one of the nation’s most wide-ranging packages of abortion restrictions - Huffington Post

Chris Brown accused of assaulting woman inside nightclub - TMZ

The Corporate States of America, a map of the most famous brands from each state - Laughing Squid

Is Obesity Really a Disease? The relationship between health and body weight is not as straightforward as the American Medical Association might have us believe - The Atlantic

Casting call turns out to be a prank - LA Times

6 facts about hunger that demonstrate the shameful excesses of American Capitalism - AlterNet

Giant tortoises given speed training so they can be put to bed quicker at night - Arbroath

Two childhood drawings from poet E.E. Cummings show the young artist’s playful seriousness - Open Culture

Steven Wells: A Tribute - Village Voice

Man: I’m looking for Bigfoot, not pot! - Boing Boing

Newspaper censors the word ‘vagina’ in Vagina Monologues ad - Jezebel

A Long Island woman collapsed and died in a Bay Shore health club’s bathroom because a male employee refused to enter the women’s locker room to try to save her - New York Post

Film legend David Lynch has today shared “Star Dream Girl,” the first single from his upcoming LP - Pitchfork

The Vinyl Library, London’s first all-vinyl lending library set to open its doors in Stoke Newington on 1st July - The Vinyl Factory h/t WFMU 

Top chef quits posh restaurant to cook for soup kitchen - KARE 11

Social networking in ancient Rome and 17th century England - Kottke

Molecule that reduces fats in blood identified - Science Daily

Aaron Carter got beat up by New Kids fans for being on the wrong turf - Dlisted

“My song got played on Pandora 1 million times and all I got was $16.89, less than what I make from a single t-shirt sale!” - The Trichordist

Below, John Lennon auditions for The Voice:

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Dangerous Finds: Odds of alien life; Anonymous has North Korea’s secrets; Roxy Music cover outtakes
05:09 pm

Anonymous to release secret North Korea military documents June 25 - The Daily Dot

Roxy Music LP cover photoshoot outtakes - London Lee h/t WFMU

The science of how applause spreads in an audience: Clapping is just as infectious as a disease, according to a new study - PopSci

Hyperrealistic beached whale shocks London - My Modern Met

“I have had Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinson’s Disease, and this is what happens when I turn off my neurostimulator.“ - High Definite

A new equation reveals our exact odds of finding alien life - io9

Water complaints could be ‘act of terrorism’ - USA Today

‘Barbed Wire Kisses’: Authorized Jesus and Mary Chain biography due in October - Slicing Up Eyeballs

Marbles, photo series focuses on the testicles of European Greek statues - Laughing Squid

Why NASA’s latest photo of Alaska is freaking people out - SFGate

Batman theme performed by actual bats - Neatorama

British spy agency collects and stores vast quantities of global email messages, Facebook posts, internet histories and calls, and shares them with NSA - The Guardian

Courtney Love tells Huffington Post that she gave Jay-Z permission to use lyrics from Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on the rapper’s new album - Pitchfork

Watch the cookie-cutter trailer for Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic - Death and Taxes

David Cross comedy in the works at Showtime - Deadline

Hypnotic wind-powered kinetic sculptures - Helablog

Why perform an autopsy on James Gandolfini? Boing Boing

Genetically engineered sugar beets destroyed in southern Oregon - Oregon Live

Discarded library books photographed by Kerry Mansfield - Kerry Mansfield

Horrifying hazing pics will make you want to lock up your kids forever - Jezebel

Critics cry exploitation as a federal loophole allows companies to pay thousands of disabled workers across the country far less than the minimum wage - NBC News

Below, Paula Deen begs for your forgiveness:

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Dangerous Finds: Young Joey Ramone’s birthday, 40 best stoner albums, Andrew W.K. drums for 24 hours
04:59 pm

A young Joey Ramone’s birthday party (with his brother, Mickey Leigh) via ICPWAG
Starting July 1, Florida head shop proprietors found selling pipes, bongs, and bowls, etc. will be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor; any subsequent violation will result in a third-degree felony charge, in which they lose the right to vote - Huffington Post

Young Turks join ‘standing man’ protests after arrest of performance artist - The Times UK

Bioshock’s Ken Levine writing Logan’s Run movie remake - Boing Boing

Exodus International, the world’s largest ministry claiming to be able to “cure homosexuality” and turn gay men towards a “heterosexual lifestyle,” announced the ministry is shutting down. Leader apologizes - Freedom Requires Wings

New link suggests George W. Bush direct descendant of notorious slave trader - Salon

Leah Gordon’s photographs of Kanaval in Haiti - Juxtapoz

Watch Right Now: Andrew W.K. playing drums for 24 hours straight - Mashable

Lemmy Kilmister recently underwent surgery to have a defibrillator fitted into his chest - Cherry Bombed

James Gandolfini reads from Maurice Sendak’s children’s story “In The Night Kitchen” - Open Culture

Great-grandfather banned from pub after twice complaining his peas were served cold - Arbroath

The gut-wrenching science behind the world’s hottest peppers - Smithsonian

R2-D2 cake with Princess Leia hologram projector - Geekologie

The abandoned island in the middle of New York - Twisted Sifter

A big ol’ video montage of The Wilhelm Scream - Network Awesome

Whoa! Feel like spiders in this new steel wire web - My Modern Met

73-year-old man faces prison for pot - Message Media 

Deep anxiety about the ability to have children later in life plagues many women. But the decline in fertility over the course of a woman’s 30s has been oversold. Here’s what the statistics really tell us—and what they don’t - The Atlantic

The 40 greatest stoner albums - Rolling Stone

Another Boehner Fail: House rejects Boehner-backed farm bill - Daily Kos

World’s first 3-D printed battery is the size of a grain of sand - PopSci

Below, John Goodman loses his shit:

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Dangerous Finds: Sheep-eating plant, 70s mobsters loved Sex Pistols, ‘Fakeblock’ is real!
03:57 pm

You did it, George-Michael Bluth (er, I mean “George Maharis”). Fakeblock, the antisocial network, is now REAL! - The Daily Dot

David Lynch to direct Nine Inch Nails’ “Came Back Haunted” video - Pitchfork

How caffeine can cramp creativity - The New Yorker

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the cases of two individuals who died after injections with Eli Lilly and Co.‘s long-acting treatment for schizophrenia, Zyprexa Relprevv - Reuters

Holy shit, this digital vinyl promo mailer is amazing - Jaded Punk

‘Spanking for Jesus’ is exactly as fucked up as it sounds - Jezebel

New Alzheimer’s research suggests possible cause: Interaction of proteins in brain - Science Daily

Slim Whitman obituary: Yodelling country singer best known for “Rose Marie” and Indian “Love Call” dies at 89 - The Guardian

The KKK is going to ask Paula Deen to be their new Resident Chef In 3…2… - Dlisted

Underground power-boxes nestled beneath the pavements* of London keep blowing the hell up - Boing Boing

Treetop toilets cause problems for residents in Arkansas neighborhood -

Hot mic catches NSA boss praising FBI chiefs for supportive testimony on surveillance programs - Daily Mail

Dolce & Gabbana ruled guilty of tax evasion, sentenced to jail time - The Daily Beast

’70s mobsters loved the Sex Pistols - ANIMAL New York

Man Of Steel producer Christopher Nolan disagreed with film’s controversial ending [Spoiler Audio] - Comics Alliance

Internet trolls love feminist writers: The irony is that for all their misogyny, they spend an inordinate amount of time reading about women’s issues - Salon

The world’s only known white gorilla was the result of incest - PopSci

A map showing the original meanings of place names in North America - io9

RHS ‘sheep-eating’ plant about to bloom in Surrey - BBC News

Castle’s toilet still holds parasites from Crusaders’ feces - Smithsonian

Tough kid gives his gay eighth grade teacher a moment he’ll never forget - Towerload

Below, LSD ABC:

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Dangerous Finds: Bieber meets Giger, Benedict Cabbagepatch doll, Depeche Mode ‘101’ anniversary
03:19 pm

Justin Giger: The art of H.R. Giger meets the face of pop idol Justin Bieber - Tumblr

Bruce Lee statue unveiled in L.A.‘s Chinatown - Hollywood Reporter

Bill Nye’s Battle for Science: The Science Guy has gone from taking on science lessons for children to taking on pundits on cable television on climate change, evolution and science in general - New York Times

GOP lawmaker: Extreme abortion ban justified because of masturbating fetuses - Salon

The newest addition to human anatomy is just 15 microns thick, but its discovery will make eye surgery safer and simpler - PopSci

Everything wrong about medical marijuana marketing in California, in a single snapshot - Boing Boing

Benedict Cabbagepatch doll - Neatorama

Depeche Mode, A Concert for the Masses — rare footage from 1988’s ‘101’ concert - Slicing Up Eyeballs

Vice quietly deletes controversial suicide fashion spread - Jezebel

How a naked female scientist tries to tame belugas in the freezing Arctic - Daily Mail

The seven deadly sins as represented by Coen Brothers films and Augie Pagan for Ltd. Art Gallery’s Over The Line, a tribute to the Coens - Popped Culture

Mother heartbroken after son in wheelchair left to the side in class photo - Arbroath

Taxidermy to the Dark Side: Animal artisans show off their undead creations - Wired

Who doesn’t enjoy some good ol’ lightpainting? Darren Peason, aka Darius Twin, series of lightpaintings feature skeletons, angels, and aliens - Juxtapoz

Pay phone graveyard in Manhattan - Flickr

The ability to “remember” electrical resistance could make slime mould a useful material for building living computers - New Scientist

Saint Harridan: Men’s-styled clothing for women and transmen - Saint Harridan

In defense of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette - The Vulture

Fix Your Mix! How to find the sweet spot of your home studio – Room Correction (IK, JBL) - DubSpot

Below: “What’s big, yellow, can open a door, and doesn’t like being in a closet?” (via Metafilter)

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Dangerous Finds: Iggy’s 1993 East Village tour, Sasha Grey for the NSA, Teen beheads rapist father
05:06 pm

Video of Iggy Pop giving a tour of the East Village In 1993 - EVG

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Jon Gosselin Killed Ed Hardy - Dlisted

Yo La Tengo bids a tender—then noisy—adieu to Maxwell’s in Hoboken -

How to avoid GMO food - Ultra Culture

How Bugs Bunny saved Mel Blanc’s life - Boing Boing

Turkey threatens to deploy army to end unrest - Aljazeera

Mushrooms are the new styrofoam - New Scientist

Dave Chappelle returns to stand-up - The Daily Beast

Scientists may have discovered how cancer spreads around the body - io9

A 10-year-old girl was forcibly married to a 50-year-old man in Pakistan’s Punjab province under a custom in which a girl can be offered in marriage to resolve a feud - Hindustan Times

The House opens debate Tuesday on a farm bill that would include unprecedented cuts to food assistance. With less money for quality food, though, comes more obesity, more sickness, and more overall cost - The Atlantic

What can I do with a Smartwatch and should I get one? - Lifehacker

GOP plan to appeal to millennials: “Make abortion funny” - Salon

Estrogen replacement therapy helps reduce anxiety in anorexia nervosa - Science Daily

If you slow down the Seinfeld theme by 1200%, it sounds like the soundtrack to a bad 80s sci-fi movie - Kottke

NSA commercial with Sasha Grey - Nerdcore

Police in Papua New Guinea are investigating reports a teenage girl beheaded her father after he raped her - Huffington Post UK

Trailer for the upcoming Pat Fields documentary The Little House That Could - WOW Report

India to send world’s last telegram. Stop. - CS Monitor

Source: FBI searching Michigan field for Hoffa’s remains - CNN

Alcohol doesn’t just slur speech - it tells people where you’re from by enhancing your regional twang - Daily Mail

Listen to a new M.I.A. song, “Bring the Noize” - Pitchfork

Dan Harmon has some colorful descriptions for season four of Community - FlavorWire

Below, world’s worst airplane loader:

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