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You’re Never Alone With a Bad Dance Routine: Pan’s People Get Down

For America, the misunderstanding was over the lyrics. Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Get Down” was assumed to be a nudge-nudge reference to oral sex, tied-in, perhaps, to the coincidental release of sex film, Deep Throat.

A surprised O’Sullivan explained his lyrics were:

‘...very British and to me the girl in “Get Down” is behaving like a dog - she’s jumping up on him, so “get down!”’

That’s his story, and he’s, you know. Though he did admit, if it had been about oral pleasures, then:

‘...we should sell 10 million and put it on the soundtrack of Deep Throat.’

Top of the Pops resident dance troupe, Pan’s People understood the song perfectly and reflected it in their innocent interpretation. With such a literal approach, the mind boggles how the girls would have choreographed the song if it had been about blow jobs.

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With thanks to Alison Wallace

Posted by Paul Gallagher
06:28 pm