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Glenn Beck vows to take down ‘Glee’
04:14 pm

Glenn Beck told the assembled at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington today that he’s giving up on the Van Jones hater stuff and fixing his aim at Glee:

“A year ago I was watching the show ‘Glee’ with my wife and we watched it like this,” Beck said making the motion of his jaw dropping. “It’s horrifying some of the things that they’re teaching high schoolers.But it’s brilliantly done. It’s brilliantly done.”

At first, Beck says he was despondent. “I said at the end of it, we lose,” he said. “There’s no way to beat that.”

But it didn’t take long for Beck to snap out of his funk and start devising a way to defeat “Glee.” Beck’s secret weapon: what he jokingly calls “the Oedipus Project” (“because the left will be making out with me,” he explained to BuzzFeed this week). Essentially, the plan is to produce a conservative alternative to “Glee” that is covert enough in its conservatism to not turn people away.

“We’ve spent a year now trying to put together a push-back with artists with music, but not the stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music,” he told the crowd at FFC.

Beck told BuzzFeed in a recent interview. ““The conservative movement needs a Dick Clark, and I hope to fill some of that vacuum.”

I can kinda see Glenn Beck as America’s oldest teenager…


Posted by Richard Metzger
04:14 pm