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30 Minutes of Excellence: The Kinks ‘In Concert,’ January 1973

Forty-years ago this month….

‘But they don’t feel afraid…

Of course not—as we have a whole thirty-minute concert of The Kinks to watch! And it’s a candy box full of all our favorite centers!

Track Listing

01. “Victoria”
02. “Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues”
03. “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”
04. “Lola”
05. “Holiday”
06. “Good Golly Miss Molly”
07. “You Really Got Me”
08. “All Day And All Of the Night”
09. “Waterloo Sunset”
10. “The Village Green Preservation Society”

The Kinks live at BBC TV Center, January 24th, 1973.

Posted by Paul Gallagher
03:27 pm
Sonic Assassins cleared for Space Flight: Hawkwind ‘In Concert’, from 1972
01:39 pm

Forty years ago this month, a strange and distant signal was picked up on radio receivers across the UK.

Amongst the hiss, and static interference, a dialog could be heard….

‘This is London, Earth. This is London, Earth. This is London, Earth. This is London, Earth.’

‘Mothership Control in readiness. Sonic Assassins cleared for Space Flight. Countdown starting now. Thirty…’

‘Countdown started. All Units prepare for activation.’

‘Twenty Five…’

‘Production Androids activated. Now!’


‘Audience Recept Units, activated, NOW!’


‘Music Distribution Equipment. Activated. Now!’

‘10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4…’

‘All Units activated. Countdown terminated.’

‘...3, 2, 1. Countdown complete.’

‘All Units functioning. Movement commencing. We have lift-off. We have music.’

‘We have….Hawkwind!

This is the audio recording of that night’s broadcast. Hawkwind live in concert from the Paris Theater, London, September 29th, 1972. Transmitted by BBC Radio 1 on October 14th.

Track listing:

01. “Countdown”
02. “Born to Go”
03. “The Black Corridor”
04. “Seven by Seven”
05. “Brainstorm”
06. “Electronic No. 1”
07. “Master of the Universe”
08. “Paranoia”
09. “Earth Calling”
10. “Silver Machine”
11. “Welcome to the Future”

Bonus Hawkwind in concert form 2005, after the jump…

Posted by Paul Gallagher
01:39 pm