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Theocrat evangelist wants to keep God’s ‘diabetes cure’ all to himself (and Chinese Communist party)
03:33 pm

On the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord program, kooky “Seven Mountains Dominionist” evangelist Lance Wallnau claimed that Christians—and ONLY Christians—will soon have “technology that can heal diabetes, literally heal diabetes, in a matter of months” as well as technology “that is going to revolutionize our dependence on oil and energy.”

Wallnau stressed that these holy discoveries will only be “given to Kingdom-minded believers.” Wallnau further claims that these secrets will never be sold to the heathen general American public.

He is urging his associates, “the stewards” of this “disruptive technology,” to share the supernatural diabetes cure with “top layers of the political elite” of the Chinese Communist Party to gain access to them. This, Wallnau says, would help spread the Gospel where it is the most desperately needed.

Nothing nutty about Lance Wallnau, now, is there? Just the other day, theocrat Wallnau claimed that the government, the economy and the media are all governed by Satan.

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Via Right Wing Watch

Posted by Richard Metzger
03:33 pm