Extraordinary Scenes: Striking Miners arrive to heroes’ welcome in Madrid

Incredible images are coming in from Madrid tonight, showing the crowds of over 150,000 people who came out onto the streets to support the striking miners on their Black March.

Tuesday night, the marching miners triumphantly entered the city, having walked halfway across Spain in protest against the government’s austerity cuts and plans to remove subsidies from the coal mining industry.

The miners’ strike has been seen as the People’s Strike, born out of last year’s Indignados demonstrations, and has gained country-wide support as the miners marched form town-to-town, city-to-city.

Tonight’s arrival in Madrid will be the start of larger demonstrations tomorrow against the government’s policies.

While Spain’s mainstream media has ignored tonight’s events, the people of Spain have been sharing photographs and footage on line, of which these are but a small selection.

More can be found here and here. Read more on the story here.

Video by Juan Luis Sánchez for El Diario, via Socialist Worker.
More pictures, after the jump…
With thanks to Maria Salavessa Hormigo Guimil, Isabel Mar Almadan and Teresa Carrington

Posted by Paul Gallagher
09:09 pm
Aliens, bleeding walls and too many cops: The amazing public light art of Madrid’s luzinterrup

The global metropolis is seeing a golden age of street art nowadays, as seen in the evolution from spraycan through stencil/wheatpaste and on to other outdoor installations. The Luzinterruptus crew from Madrid has been doing some amazing light-work lately with some compelling underlying themes.
Their latest, Ejército de platillos volantes desechables (above), saw them land an army of disposable flying saucers in Parque del Oeste, the home of the rebuilt ancient Egyptian Temple of Debod.
Before that, the Luz’ers’ Publicidad herida de muerte (Mortally Wounded Advertising) commented on the thick layer of posters that cover the city’s walls by making them bleed fire.

Some months ago, curator Sebastian Buck in Good Magazine surfaced Luz’s Tanta Policía, para tan Poca Gente… (Lots of Cops for So Few People), in which the crew protested the increased police presence in their East Villagesque Malasana neighborhood by decorating 50 random cars with homemade replicas of the city’s official blue siren.


Posted by Ron Nachmann
12:22 am