Artist gives old photographs a superhero makeover

Someone’s dead relatives just got a makeover. Artist Alex Gross takes discarded vintage photographs, paints on them and turns them into portraits of pop culture icons like Batman, Superman, Electra, Wonder Woman, Super Mario and Marge Simpson. These mixed media paintings raise questions about the relevance of history, family and memory in our neo-liberal consumerist world—where fictional characters have far more currency and longevity than familial ties or dead relatives.

Gross is best known for his beautiful, disturbing and surreal paintings that explore modern life.

The world that I live in is both spiritually profound and culturally vapid. It is extremely violent but can also be extremely beautiful. Globalization and technology are responsible for wonderfully positive changes in the world as well as terrible tragedy and homogeneity. This dichotomy fascinates me, and naturally influences much of my work.

I like Alex Gross’s paintings. I like his ideas. He is painting a narrative to our lives—and like all good art he is questioning our role within this story and the values we consider important in its telling. More of Alex Gross’ work can be seen here.
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Posted by Paul Gallagher
09:45 am
‘Real-life’ Marge Simpson is jaw-dropping (and kinda terrifying)

This is truly something else. And before you all yell “photoshop” and “fake”—I monitor the comments here on Dangerous Minds sometimes so I’m accustomed to all the usual comment tropes—it’s very real. Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov captures these extraordinary images with super-talented make-up artists, designers and expert lighting.

While this “real life” Marge Simpson is simply fascinating to look at, she’s still somewhat unsettling and terrifying, right?!?

There’s a video below showing you how Khokhlov and his team created Marge. I highly recommend muting the music. It’s godawful and distracting.

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Posted by Tara McGinley
01:22 pm
The Huffington Post’s Playboy Omission
02:32 pm

As everyone probably knows by now, Marge Simpson appears on the current cover of Playboy.  In order to capitalize, I suppose, on this pop-cultural moment, The Huffington Post launched a “Who’s Hotter?” slide show contest whereby its readers could rank their favorite, “celebrity models—from actresses to TV personalities to still-hot supermodels-turned moms.”

Well, as the eagle-eyed folk at Sociological Images note: “Ironically, the slide show did not contain the Playboy cover that inspired the Simpson drawing.  Behold Darine Stern (above), the first black woman on the cover of Playboy (1971). “

And, for those of you keeping score, other than Marge’s “yellow,” the HuffPo’s slide show was composed exclusively of white women.


Posted by Bradley Novicoff
02:32 pm