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Hunx (of Hunx and His Punx) has a fashion line and I want all of it
09:42 am

You may remember our recent post lauding Hunx and His Punx’ music video trilogy for their latest album, Street Punk (if not, go check that shit out—it is golden.) When Street Punk dropped Monday (it’s obviously amazing), I decided to peruse his website for swag.  Well, lo and behold, my favorite pomo homo punk rock dreamboat designs bitchen’ T-shirts, too!

Hunx (or Seth Bogart, to those in the know) has a pop art sensibility with a punk execution. His drawings are kind of like something Andy Warhol threw up, and I’m totally in love. Below are his “Boys All Over Me” and “Girls All Over Me” Tees, which I’m obsessed with—very James Rizzi, no?

The shirts are smattered with Hunx’ own influences, from Klaus Nomi to Britney Spears (rock snobs beware, nothing is sacred, so you might as well get over it now.)
boys shirt front
boys shirt back
Faces on the “Boys All Over Me” T-shirt: Freddie Mercury, Darby Crash, Liberace, Plastic Bertrand, Little Richard, Dracula, Justin Bieber, Prince, Kurt Cobain, Lou Reed, Justin Timberlake, Marc Almond, Sylvester, Joe Jonas, Vaginal Creme Davis, George Michael, Morrissey, Klaus Nomi, Nick Lachey, Boy George, Alexis and Pete Burns
girls shirt front
girls shirt back
Face on the “Girls All Over Me” T-shirt: Lil’ Kim, Jan Terri, RuPaul, Exene Cervenka, Lydia Lunch, Lana Del Rey, Shannon Shaw, Poison Ivy, Angelyne, Siouxsie Sioux, Poly Styrene, Courtney Love, Madonna, Britney Spears, Cherie Currie, Sade, Divine, Joan Jett, Francoise Hardy, Susan Fassbender, Debbie Harry and Grace Jones

The shop has a bunch of amazing designs by Hunx and fashion designer/artist Peggy Noland, but I’m completely smitten with a shirt that features RuPaul, Poly Styrene, and Hunx’ own bandmate, Shannon Shaw (how sweet is that?). You don’t even want to know what I will do to scrounge up the cash for one of these!

Posted by Amber Frost
09:42 am
Video(s) Of The Year: Hunx & His Punx’s incredible ‘Street Punk Trilogy’

I just had a HOLY SHIT moment! I’ll be damned if I see a better music video than this all year. It has everything: love, loss, anger, regret, redemption, destruction. Pimples being squeezed. 30 second thrash pop. Sets to make John Waters proud.

SF heroes Hunx And His Punx, aka the gorgeous Seth Bogart and his (mostly) all girl backing group, return with a new record in July called Street Punk, and to whet our salivating appetites to the point of drowning, have dropped a new clip featuring not one, not two, but THREE tracks squeezed into one 5 minute video. So, technically, it can’t actually be called a music video, singular, which excludes it from end-of-the-year polls. That makes it even better.

But it doesn’t matter what those poll-building squares decide anyway, man, we finally have the queer-punk Star Wars. Street Punk Trilogy defines a generation; like Lord Of The RIngs before it, it manages to convey that universal mystery of the human condition, while making bold statements about life in the late-capitalist, early 21st Century.

OK, full disclosure: one of the highlights of my performing career so far has been warming up for Hunx & His Punx last year in Manchester (pics cos it happened) so of course I am biased. They are super-nice people, and, most importantly, they are brilliant. So really, it doesn’t matter what I say or how much hyperbole I lay out, this video is still ace, and I dare any of you to watch it and not lol at least once.

Help some Punx get viral people, give this a whirl:

Hunx & His Punx “Street Punk Trilogy”

Posted by Niall O'Conghaile
09:59 am