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In the shade: Beat the heat with the Breeders’ mudslide recipe
10:54 am

The Breeders’ fan club pack (via Discogs)
As I remember it, Tom Timony’s T.E.C. Tones label, the onetime custodian of the Ralph Records catalog, managed the Breeders’ fan club, along with those of the Residents, Sonic Youth, and Nirvana. I could be mixed up about this, since I haven’t seen a copy of the T.E.C. Tones catalog in many years. Then again, I spent an awful lot of time studying it instead of doing homework in high school.

While I don’t believe the Nirvana fan club got off the ground, two issues of Breeders Digest did materialize, the first of which (January 1995) came with a pin and the CD Live in Stockholm. To the buckets of facts held between the covers of the tiny magazine (Kelley’s reviews of every McDonald’s they ate at in Europe, Guitar School magazine’s entire transcription of the guitar and bass lines from “Cannonball,” and the sisters’ Lollapalooza diary, for instance), the CD added the recipe for the band’s favorite tipple.

Four songs into the set, after introducing “I Just Wanna Get Along” as “I Just Wanna Get A Mudslide,” Kim (sorry, could be “Kelvis”—they’re twins, I wasn’t there) asks the Swedes if they know what a mudslide is.

You get a glass, fill it all the way with ice, okay? Equal parts Stoli’s—or Absolut, since it’s Scandinavia—okay? Absolut, Kahlua, and Bailey’s, equal parts. It’s like a vodka milkshake. They should serve it at McDonald’s, you know?

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Posted by Oliver Hall
10:54 am
Kim and Kelley Deal’s unique twin birthday cake

Photo by Kelley Deal
Twin sisters Kim Deal of The Breeders, Pixies, and The Amps and Kelly Deal of The Breeders and The Kelley Deal 6000, celebrated their upcoming dual 50th birthdays with a “twins inside the womb” birthday cake. Happy birthday, ladies!

(via Laughing Squid)

Posted by Tara McGinley
06:31 pm