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Here’s your Halloween anthem: Tim Curry sings ‘Anything Can Happen on Halloween’
09:38 am

Tim Curry in The Worst Witch
This year we celebrate Halloween with a delirious clip from the 1986 TV movie The Worst Witch, starring Diana Rigg, Charlotte Rae, and most memorably, the indelible Tim Curry.

Tim Curry is always inescapably Tim Curry, and in this context that’s a positive boon—he may be the only element in this brief clip that’s even halfway up to snuff. Never have I seen so many superfluous and chintzy video effects deployed in such a short span of time—innumerable green-screen effects, several completely crazy swirl transitions, who knows what the hell else. It’s truly a phantasmagoria of 80s cheese.

In the most “meta” moment, the song inadvertently calls attention to director Robert Young’s excessive video trickery with a brief verse about …  of all things, VHS tapes! For no discernable reason, Curry is tasked with warbling, “Gremlins gonna mess up every cassette from London to Idaho….”

It’s all just too, too good. Happy Halloween, everyone!

“Anything Can Happen on Halloween”:

If that intrigued you for some reason, watch The Worst Witch in full after the jump…

Posted by Martin Schneider
09:38 am
Tim Curry: The advantages of a good tambourine and his song from ‘The Worst Witch’

You can learn much from Tim Curry.

For example, the advantages to be found by investing in a good tambourine.

Like the one seen here, in this short clip of Mr. Curry from The Worst Witch, of which one happy-viewer wrote:

God the minute he gets out that Tambourine I lose it.

While another noted:

When he busted out the tambourine, my head exploded!

Who else but Mr. Curry knew and could share the power of the tambourine - other than, perhaps, some Salvation Army zealot?

But it’s not just the joys of his zil jangling that can have such a delirious affect:

Whenever I hear his voice, my panties fly off


Well, my boner just ripped through my pants.

Of course, the film also has its fans:

I remember watching this screaming and wetting my seat!

Though some will admit:

I only watched this movie for Tim Curry!


Surprisingly enough, this was easy to masturbate to


Oh, I’m LITERALLY giving a blowjob now.

Though most will ultimately agree:

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

Now we know.

So, this year, I’ll be taking my lead form Mr. Curry and investing in a day-glo cape, a bat bow-tie and a good tambourine - who knows where it may lead?

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Posted by Paul Gallagher
07:39 pm