You can now own your very own plush Tribble from ‘Star Trek’
09:12 am

This is one of those dumb things that I’ve always wanted to own: A Tribble! Why not? “The Trouble with Tribbles”—with a plotline about a rapidly reproducing alien creature causing headaches for the crew of the Starship Enterprise—is the 44th episode from Star Trek which was first broadcast in the United States on December 29, 1967. Apparently over 500 Tribbles were made for this memorable episode. Seems like there would’ve needed a lot more of them, doesn’t it?

As an ode to the fuzzy creature, Quantum Mechanix has recreated the Tribble in plush form. Now you can’t possibly get just one as you’d need to surround yourself with quite a few for the full Tribble effect.

Each one comes in a special container that features Tribble Tips and is designed to keep it tidy and safe in the presence of Klingons

The Tribble is $17.99 + free shipping here.

I also found a Tribble that makes sounds of cooing and agitation! It comes in a light brown and sells for $29.99 here.


via Boing Boing

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Posted by Tara McGinley
09:12 am