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Sex up your baking game with this Kama Sutra rolling pin
01:03 pm

Behold the Kama Sutra rolling pin!
I must say that this lovely Kama Sutra-themed rolling pin that can be shipped to you directly from the Ukraine takes the cake when it comes to its originality. Also, who doesn’t love sex and baked goods? Nobody, that’s who.

According to the Etsy shop, The Best Pin Ever, their rolling pins are made from ecological wood sourced from Crimean beech trees. The pins are then engraved using a laser to make cuts deep enough into the pins to produce what they describe as “high quality” imprints on your dough. In this case, the “high quality” prints are of various sexual positions found in the Kama Sutra. Nice. The cheeky rolling pin will run you $18.99 plus about $15 bucks in shipping. If the Kama Sutra isn’t your thing (?), The Best Pin Ever has several other themed rolling pins that are suitable for your next PTA bake sale. Yawn.

An example of the imprint left by the Kama Sutra rolling pin.

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Posted by Cherrybomb
01:03 pm