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Headline of the Day: ‘Bearded Woman Attacked At Crucifixion’

‘Bearded Woman Attacked At Crucifixion’ may sound like a bogus, but this incredible headline comes from a rather bizarre story in the Brighton Argus:

A beard-wearing woman was attacked as she crucified Jesus.

The crime of Passion took place as the woman played a priest during the open air retelling of the Easter story.

Jeanie Civil’s attacker ripped her beard from her face and punched her during a performance of The Passion of Christ in Brighton on Easter Sunday

He yelled “Shame on you!” before Mrs Civil’s fellow cast members, dressed as soldiers, held him back.

He was bundled into a police car.

About 1,000 people were watching Mrs Civil playing Joseph Caiaphas in the grounds of St Peter’s Church when the man jumped up and attacked.

Yesterday Mrs Civil said: “He was hooded. He leapt up and punched me.

“He then pulled my beard from my face. It really hurt and it was very shocking.”

Mrs Civil – a psychologist, psychotherapist and author – said she wondered if the man was an ardent Christian who disliked her character’s actions towards the saviour.

We hope Mrs. Civil has recovered from the assault.

Full story here. Photograph Damian Barr.
With thanks to Ben Marlowe


Posted by Paul Gallagher
07:15 pm
Rest in Perversity: Sebastian Horsley

Eight days after the West End premiere of the play based on his autobiography, Dandy in the Underworld, top-hatted London-based extreme artist and lifestylist Sebastian Horsley was found dead this morning at age 47 of an apparent heroin overdose.

Born to wealthy alcoholics, Horsley is best known for traveling to the Philippines to be crucified as part of his research for a set of paintings dealing with the topic. But besides his arcane fashion sense, penchant for whoring, and ability to make the scene—running with the likes of Nick Cave, Current 93, Coil and others—Horsley was an accomplished painter and writer, and a guy with a drawling accent who could hold court in a red velvet chair with the best of them.

The Soho Theatre cancelled tonight’s performance of Dandy…, but will continue on tomorrow. Our own Richard Metzger put it best when told the news: “How sad that the world has one less total pervert.”

Get: Dandy in the Underworld: An Unauthorized Autobiography (P.S.) [Book]


Posted by Ron Nachmann
06:06 pm