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Elvis Presley’s teeth visit English town
12:22 pm

Elvis' teeth
If you were active in the Malvern area in western England today (Wednesday, April 30)—you know, up near Redditch, Bromyard, Studley, and Droitwich Spa (none of those names are made up)—you most likely missed a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pay homage to Elvis Presley’s teeth at Beacon Dental Care on Pickersleigh Road (nope, didn’t make that one up either). Elvis fan and licensed dentist Dr. Karen Sutton was expected be on hand. Staff were obliged to “dress up”; “Elvis’ legendary music will be played in the waiting room.”

“The King’s Crown”
To get technical about it, what was actually on display was a model of Elvis’ teeth along with a “genuine” crown, which has led everyone writing about this to work in a reference to the King’s Crown, har de har har. The crown was made for the rock and roll legend by a Memphis dentist named Henry J. Weiss.

Dr. Sutton insists that the day has a serious message behind it, to raise awareness of mouth cancer (free mouth screenings were available). “Beacon Dental Care is thrilled to have been selected to host the prized object which is on loan for a day,” quoth the doc.

Elvis’ crown was bought on auction in February 2012 for $11,000 by Michael Zuk, a Canadian author, dentist and obsessive collector of celebrity teeth. Wait a minute, Michael Zuk…. I know that name! I wrote about this guy last August ... Zuk had purchased one of John Lennon’s rotten molars for $31,000 and claimed to want to generate a whole new John Lennon from the DNA in the tooth.

So it seems this Zuk guy really is a celebrity tooth collector. What’s next, a “Jurassic Park”-style theme park featuring the cloned denizens of rock-n-roll Heaven?
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Posted by Martin Schneider
12:22 pm