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Sex, Satan and the single girl: Bewitching vintage occult-themed ‘men’s interest’ magazines

Black Magic magazine, Volume three, Number two.
The rise of interest in New Age and occult practices in the 60s and 70s (with a heavy nod of thanks to satanic merchant Kenneth Anger for picking up where Aleister Crowley left off) helped pave the way for a new crop of niche “men’s interest” magazines that focused on hot girls getting down with the devil as well as witches and other kinds of sexy pagan-flavored pursuits. Nice.

Bitchcraft magazine, Volume three, Number one.
Inside the covers of such magazines as the wickedly titled BDSM-themed magazine Bitchcraft (which was actually pretty nuts by all accounts) you might find erotic fictional depictions of satanic rituals (such the faux fiends on the cover of Bitchcraft) and others, such as Satan magazine were more like devilish Playboy doppelgangers purporting to be flirting with the dark side when in fact it was just another way to sell pictures of pretty girls and perhaps celebrities (such as gorgeous fireball, actress Tina Louise who played Ginger on Gilligan’s Island who appeared the publication in 1957) in various stages of undress with devil horns on their heads. During the course of researching this very sexy post, I came across this composed yet completely depraved letter that was written by a reader of girl-loving magazine Nymphet back in the March 1976 issue in response to an illustrated image of Anton LaVey and a nude woman. Although it’s a fairly terrifying read it does help support the fact that there was indeed a market for publications to help satiate the sexually deprived Satan worshipers of the world:

I’ve been a fan of skin mags for a long time, now and one of the things that bugs me in particular, is the absence of the occult from sexually oriented material. For a brief spurt about three or four years ago, voodoo, Satanism and the occult were getting a fair amount of play in magazines similar to your own. Now, however, there’s little––if anything, appearing on this shadier side of human sexuality. I find extremely arousing, the rituals and ceremonies involving the symbols of witchcraft and devil worship––especially the idea of sacrificing a virgin and the actual deflowering of the virgin by the Evil One himself. One of the most exciting aspects of that brief period was the popularity of Anton La Vea [sic], occult leader of the 5000-member Satanic Church in San Francisco, California. I thought he was very colorful and the sensual practice of nudity among his worshippers, stimulating indeed! Other than this, I really have no complaints about your magazine. But I would like to see more kinky types of sex handled visually, as well as in the articles––subjects like necrophilia and bestiality.”
J. L. Jackson, Atlanta, Georgia.

Well said, J.L. Jackson of Atlanta—you sir or madam clearly know how to party. Images from the covers and pages of magazines such as Pagan, Satan’s Scrapbook, Black Magic and of course Satan (because, Satan) follow. Some are NSFW.

The cover of a vintage Satan magazine.

Actress Tina Louise in the February, 1957 issue of Satan magazine.

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Fierce vintage fetish wear from the 1920s and 1930s

A metal bra and chastity belt by Yva Richard (modeled by Nativia Richard), 1920s.
My DM colleague Tara McGinley recently posted some fantastic vintage images of kinky boots—and as I share her admiration for rule-breaking women and fashion I thought many of you would enjoy seeing some more provocative images from the 1920s and very early 1930s taken in Paris of models donning the latest in French fetish wear.

Animal print panties with a tail by Diana Slip, 1920s.
At the time there were only a small number of companies that were actually making the clothing that catered to the robust bondage loving, whip and chains-wearing fans that enjoying living out their fantasies in the clubs of Paris and in the privacy of their own home. If people were getting their freak on in an iron bra and matching chastity belt (pictured at the top of this post) it probably came from France. Two of the pioneering companies that were feeding the fetish community with their playthings were Yva Richard and Diana Slip.

Yva Richard was the husband and wife duo of L. Richard and Nativa Richard. Getting their start sometime in the early 1920s, Nativia was not only the talented seamstress making Yva Richard’s signature risque lingerie, but she also modeled much of the companies cheeky creations and would routinely appeared in Yva Richard’s popular mail-order catalog from which the kinky couple sold everything from masks to iron restraints. The Richards’ biggest competition back in the 20s was Diana Slip—a fetish wear company run by Léon Vidal. Vidal’s collection while very much marketed to purveyors of kink had a slightly more sophisticated air and was not as overtly deviant as Yva Richard’s designs.

The arrival of WWII and the subsequent occupation of France in the early 40s pretty much put the kibosh on the booming fetish business and both companies as well as others closed up shop. I’ve included some incredible examples of what both Yva Richard and Diana Slip were designing for their fetish loving French fans that I’m sure will get your blood pumping. If they don’t, you might want to get that checked out.

If this kind of thing is your thing (I don’t judge and neither should you) the French book Yva Richard: L’âge d’or du fétichisme features a large collection of photographs that chronicle the history of the French fetish wear pioneers. That said, some of the images that follow are NSFW.

Diana Slip, 1920s.
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‘Sex’ an ‘adult’ magazine from the 1920s
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Sex magazine

The cover of Sex magazine, December, 1926.
Sex was a monthly adult-oriented magazine published in the U.S. back in the mid-to-late 1920s that featured racy and often nude photos of women and men that also took on hard-hitting topics such as “Are all beautiful chorus girls dumb?” and “The reason gentlemen prefer blondes.” Ah, the roaring 20s—when the biggest problem faced by society (according to Sex magazine) was trying to figure out how girls operate.

‘En Guarde!’ an image from Sex magazine, 1926.
Back in 1926 and 1927 Sex only cost a quarter and while I’m sure that some folks claimed to find the publication of interest due to its “articles” I’m quite sure that it was the gorgeous, dreamily captioned portraits of nude and semi-nude women and men that helped sell the magazine’s classy take on erotic photography. Of the images that follow there are two that note the names of the models—one turned out to be a celebrity of sorts back in the 20s named Orville Stamm who was known as the “Boy Hercules” and “Strongest Boy in the World.” In 1917 and at the age of seventeen Stamm shot to fame for his Vaudeville shows of strength such as being able to support a stand-up piano (along with its player) on his stomach while in a “crab position.” Zowie. Vintage images from the magazine follow and as the magazine is called “Sex,” most are NSFW.

More ‘Sex’ after the jump…

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‘Hundred Dollar Week-end,’ 1965’s idea of soft core porn
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via Discogs
What do you call 1965’s Hundred Dollar Week-end? A “stag record”? A “blue album”? Did it come as a brown paper parcel you had to ask the clerk for at the counter? Would it be comme il faut to play this at a swinging coed party, or did one beat off to it alone in the garage at three in the morning?

Mystery surrounds the LP. Its fifteen-minute sides hold only this: waves crashing, lounge music on the hi-fi, bedsprings creaking, and a woman moaning with pleasure. Okay, there’s some coughing, laughing, and smoking, and I won’t tell you what happens when the phone finally rings toward the end of side two, but that’s the entire track sequence for this particular product. When you’re done listening to it, you’ll feel like, uh, a hundred dollars.

Hundred Dollar Week-end was the only LP ever issued by Trick Records, whose art department left no doubt about the intended audience of their “FOR BACHELORS ONLY” release. With a catalog number ending in “007,” its cover starlet, loosely draped in a man’s shirt, beckoning from her stool at a beach house bar, the sleeve screamed:



Having enjoyed a few $100 weekends myself, I find it difficult to imagine that amount of money evoking wealth and leisure, but I guess back then “a dollar was worth a dollar.” An average month’s rent was a little over $100 in 1965. And speaking of inflation, a hopeful Amazon seller is asking $200 for this album—double the price of the fantasy call girl beach vacation of which this is a mere audio representation! What’s a tape of The $20,000 Pyramid set you back in Paul Ryan’s America, a hundred million dollars?—while below, YouTube user Marshall & c.o., who uploaded this rip, seems to have overvalued the tryst by a factor of 10,000.

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The Razor’s Edge: 1970s underground fetish zine about bald women and shaving
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The Razor's Edge

Baldness and head shaving fetishes are things I never really considered much, but if you asked me about it I’d have to be all like, “Oh yeah, that’s totally a thing somebody masturbates to.” However, prior to the existence of the vast cornucopia of internet pornography, really niche fetishes rarely had their own publications, which is why The Razor’s Edge is such a rare historical gem, notable for the professionalism of the publication, the quality of the writing, and the sweetness—almost innocence, really—of the models.

The Razor’s Edge was launched in 1975 by famed underground cartoonist Alan Shenker, best known as his pen name “Yossarian.” Shenker got the idea while working for Screw, when he heard of a women’s cult shaving their heads en masse to protest gender inequality. Under the name “Captain Stanley,” Shenker actually managed to keep the magazine going for a few years, paying models up to $200 to be shaved and receiving some major press attention from publications like The New York Times, Washington Post and The Village Voice. The magazine even hosted a fairly well-publicized Miss Bald America pageant.

Interestingly enough, the women featured in The Razor’s Edge aren’t really sexually objectified. The fetish isn’t just for bald women, but for the process of shaving and the transformation thereof. Much of the shoots are dedicated to the women’s reaction to being shaved, and their delight and surprise at their new chrome domes.


More images of historical interest from ‘The Razor’s Edge’ after the jump…

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The time Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson asked a hooker for a refund after a botched handjob
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Iron Maiden
Bruce Dickinson

Give Bruce what he wants!
This amusing footage of Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson recalling the time he demanded a German prostitute refund his money for a handjob that apparently did not provide a “happy ending” was part of an interview conducted with him for the 2009 documentary Monty Python: Almost The Truth (Lawyer’s Cut).

In the video (posted below), Dickinson carefully dances around the occasion when the band was on tour stop in the early 80s in Hamburg, Germany during which one of the members of Maiden’s road crew suggested that they pay a visit to the Eros Center (that at one time was rumored to be the largest collection of brothels in Europe). The two ended up walking along the Reeperbahn in Hamburg’s Red Light District and quickly found themselves upstairs “negotiating” the price of a handjob with a couple of German hookers. As (according to Dickinson who was 24 at the time) this was his “first time” attempting to exchange currency for the procurement of sex, it turns out he wasn’t very good at it. During the deliberations regarding the twenty-minutes of good-times the headbangers were hoping to enjoy, Dickinson asked if the time slot could accommodate more than one “shag” (a British term for “intercourse” for those of you who have never seen an Austin Powers film) in the event that they were able to get their “willies working again.” I’ll leave the rest of the story to Bruce to relay as I don’t want to spoil the fantastic punchline.
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Naughty nuns, Nosferatu and BDSM: Surreal works by the master of ‘anything goes’ Clovis Trouille
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Clovis Trouille

‘Religieuse italienne fumant la cigarette’ (Italian nun smoking a cigarette) by Clovis Trouille, 1944.
According to legend a work called “Remembrance” (1930) by fanatical anarchist and painter Clovis Trouille was on display during an art show for the French Communist Party in the early 1930s the piece caught the eye of none other than Salvador Dali himself. Which makes perfect sense as the painting (pictured below) features a church cardinal wearing an open coat that reveals his womanly legs, red garter belts and black thigh-high stockings—to say nothing of the levitating nude contortionist just to his left. Fantastic stuff.

‘Remembrance’ 1930.
“Remembrance” was one Trouille’s first paintings—done when the painter was already 41 years old. Prior to discovering his true calling, Trouille was employed as what could be best described as a sort of mannequin “makeup” artist for department stores. A job that allowed him to stay true to his anti-establishment ideology and disdain for anything systematic—a sentiment that Trouille instantly developed after he was drafted into service during WW1 and returned traumatized by what he had seen. During his long career Trouille would continue to admonish authority figures by way of his brush by painting religious leaders, police and government officials into sordid scenes full of lowbrow debauchery with distinct BDSM undertones.

Quite fond of his own work, according to noted French surrealist art collector Daniel Filipacchi, Trouille once asked him to return a painting he had purchased from him “Rêve Claustral” that featured two nuns kissing. To which Filipacchi though confused, obliged. The painter would return the painting to him noting that he had added some detail to it (in this case Trouille added two prayer books that had been cast on the ground below the nuns exposed legs). This was a request, Filipacchi said, that would be asked of the collector on several other occasions resulting in a few other additions to “Rêve Claustral” including a peeping-Tom version of a nun watching the lurid scene go down.

Trouille was tragically overlooked during his own lifetime and if you’re going to be in Paris this coming week, you can see some of his work at the Grand Palais at the Champs-Élysées through July 4th. If you like what you see, Trouille’s art has been compiled into a few books including “Parcours à Travers l’oeuvre de Clovis Trouille, 1889-1975” and “Clovis Trouille; Un Peintre Libre et Iconoclaste.”

One of the most famous paintings by Clovis Trouille provided the title and poster art for Kenneth Tynan’s notorious erotic Off-Broadway revue ‘Oh! Calcutta!’ (The title is a pun on “O quel cul t’as!” French for “What an ass you have!”). It was also used on the cover of the original cast soundtrack album.

More spellbinding examples of Trouille’s work follow after the jump—most are NSFW…

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Marianne Breslauer’s gorgeous photos of queer, androgynous and butch women of the 1930s

The photography of Marianne Breslauer is striking for both its intimacy and its subjects—women, usually of the sleek, chic and gender-bending variety, posed to optimum androgynous elegance. A bohemian Berliner by birth, Breslauer studied under Man Ray for a time in Paris and achieved some commercial success before returning home to an increasingly volatile Germany. As a Jewish artist working in an obviously queer milieu, Breslauer eventually fled to Switzerland and retired from photography early, eventually marrying a man and becoming an art dealer.

Among the many beautiful faces captured by Breslauer was her dear friend, Swiss writer, journalist and photographer Annemarie Schwarzenbach, who she described as “neither a man nor a woman, but an angel, an archangel.” A libertine and rebel, Schwarzenbach defied her wealthy, Nazi-sympathizing family, funding anti-fascist publications and later supporting American unions at the height of the Depression—this is not to mention her adventures hitchhiking across India and Turkey, or the many lesbian affairs. Surviving addiction issues and a suicide attempt, Schwarzenbach nonetheless died at the young age of 34 after a fall from a bicycle, leaving behind a prolific body of work, 170 articles and 50 photo-reports.



More after the jump…

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Vintage photographs of dominatrixes
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Here’s a gallery of vintage photographs of women dressed in dominatrix gear. Not all of the women pictured were necessarily dominatrixes by trade, some were no doubt fetish models for BDSM-style magazines back in the day. I’m digging the costumes, hairstyles and… the boots. Just look at those kinky boots!

I tried to keep this as safe for work as possible. But, you know, it might be a tad NSFW-ish because of the topic.


More after the jump…

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Switzerland to open Europe’s very first ‘fellatio cafe’
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An establishment where customers would receive oral sex while drinking lattes and cappuccinos is anticipated to open in Geneva, Switzerland, by the end of 2016.

The “fellatio cafe,” as it is being termed, is based on similar establishments in Thailand—the cafe would cater to men (yes, just men) ordering a coffee and choosing their preferred prostitute on an iPad.

The company behind the plan is called FaceGirl. For an upfront fee of £42 (about $60) patrons would receive a morning joe job while drinking their beverage at the bar.

A representative from the company named Bradley Charvet told the newspaper Le Matin that “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over.”

In Switzerland, prostitution is legal and sex workers are required to have permits to operate. Establishments with 2 or more prostitutes are required to register as massage parlors.
via Dazed

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