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Star Maidens: Intergalactic sex kittens of 70s sci-fi TV
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Star Maidens

Star Maidens, the long forgotten UK/German sci-fi/comedy TV series from 1975 takes place on the “highly advanced” retro-futuristic planet Medusa, where women live a life of luxury and the males are their subservient slaves. Two grunts steal a spaceship from one of their mistresses and set off for Earth, a planet where the equality of the sexes is—hey—a way of life!
Star Maidens was campy and cheap—the sets were reused from Space 1999 and incorporated tennis balls and air fresheners. The security guards all wore hot pants and platform shoes… How is it possible that Star Maidens was all but forgotten about until it was released on DVD in 2005?

Eagle-eyed otaku-types will recognize Gareth Thomas, who would soon go on to fame on Blake’s 7 and Judy Geeson, first seen as a teenager in From Sir to Love and later as the annoying British neighbor in Mad About You, as Fulvia, the Supreme Councilor. Dawn Addams as Clara, President of the Grand Council of Medusa, is recalled by fanboys for her roles in Hammer’s The Vampire Lovers, the Amicus portmanteau Vault of Horror and as the female lead in Charlie Chaplin’s last film, A King in New York.

After thirteen episodes, Star Maidens was toast, but the show aired sporadically in other parts of the world until the early 1980s. I think Star Maidens, like Baywatch, would translate pretty easily, don’t you? Someone should revive it!
The entire first episode of Star Maidens:

Star Maidens fan site

Posted by Richard Metzger
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